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2023 Year in Review: What’s New at STAHLS’

Whether you’re new to STAHLS’ or have been a long-time customer, one thing remains clear: 2023 was the year of STAHLS’. From exciting product launches and updates on our processes, to new partnerships and growth, STAHLS’ has been at the forefront for innovation in the apparel decorating industry. With so many updates this year, it’s hard to keep up! So just in case you missed it, here’s a recap of our busy 2023:

Heat Transfer Vinyl

This year, we released all new heat transfer vinyl to cater to a variety of different trends, markets, and needs. From special effect and dimensional finishes to offering more colors and options for our best-selling CAD-CUT® UltraWeed®, 2023 was the year for exciting HTV!

  • CAD-CUT® Puff is a dimensional HTV, perfect for creating cloud-like dimension with simple designs. This material starts flat and smooth for easy cutting on your vinyl cutter and the HTV puffs up after heat application.
  • CAD-CUT® Chroma-TWILL™ is a special effect, textured HTV that adds an iridescent shift to your designs with a twill textured touch.
  • CAD-COLOR® Chroma-TWILL™ is the printable HTV version of CAD-CUT® Chroma-TWILL™ and can be used to create special effect, full color designs
  • 20″ Wide CAD-CUT® UltraWeed™ plus 3 new shades:  Purple, Dark Crimson, and Maroon!

Custom Services Products

Anyone who shops at STAHLS’ knows we’re way more than HTV! In 2023, STAHLS’ released new custom services to help heat printers better serve existing markets or tap into new opportunities! With all new custom twill options, we’re constantly changing the game for apparel decorators to offer heat-applied embroidered finishes in no time!

  • Pre-Aligned Perma-TWILL®: create custom appliqué looks with only a heat press. Perfect for jerseys, fanwear, and more, your designs are laser cut twill with a smooth, straight edge. 
  • Sport-Stitch® is a time saving and cost-effective solution for custom logos, featuring a stitched appearance without any sewing! Perfect for jerseys, fleece, jackets, and headwear, your custom design arrives with a stitched border and applies with only your heat press.

Emblems & Patches

The demand for Emblems & Patches has skyrocketed, especially with the release of 360 IQ® heat printing technology that allows decorators to offer these premium transfers without worrying about scorching or ruining garments! This year, we have released all new types of patch finishes, backings, and materials for you to keep up with this market trend!

  • Faux Suede Patches are laser etched for a trendy tone-on-tone finish and feature a soft velvety texture.
  • Woven Tags & Patches use an interlaced weaving process to combine intricate designs with a traditional, woven thread look.
  • FlexStyle® Holographic Emblems combine two images into one emblem with an interactive lenticular effect.
  • Hoop & Loop backing is now available for Embroidered, Print Stitch, and FlexStyle® Flat patches.
  • Leather Sheets are now available for creating your own custom patches with your laser cutter.

Exciting Updates to UltraColor MAX™

In 2021, we introduced UltraColor MAX™ direct to film transfers, and they quickly took the industry by storm! In 2023, STAHLS’ made UltraColor MAX™ even more revolutionary by announcing no order minimums and same day shipping when ordered by 8 AM ET. Today, decorators have access to high-quality DTF transfers faster than ever, promoting the ability to say YES! to more orders and print on demand.

New Partnerships and Integrations

This year STAHLS’ made new strides and partnerships to support our customers. Here are some of our achievements:

  • Expanded our Master Distributor network to make STAHLS’ products easily accessible around the country
  • Awarded 8 total Dream Shop Pacakges to entreprenuers and schools around the country as part of the Stahl Family Scholarship
  • Partnered with Chipply for automated direct to film ordering through the webstore platform
  • Announced STAHLS’ Fulfill Engine, the latest member of the STAHLS’ group of companies, a revolutionary software solution for apparel decorators
  • Expanded Hotronix® facilities to keep up with the demand for high quality, USA made heat presses

What’s Coming in 2024?

Get ready for even more products, innovation, and solutions to grow your apparel business in 2024! Whether it’s the new online designer for UltraColor MAX™ transfers, new Emblem & Patch offerings including Chenille, or the revolutionary ProPlace IQ™ projection alignment system, get ready for an exciting year ahead!

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