All New Faux Suede Patches now Available Engraved detail with a smooth, velvety feel for high end and premium apparel decorating

High End Decorating Looks: ALL NEW Faux Suede Patches

Are you searching for a decorating technique with a high-end look? Look no further, because our latest dimensional product is here! Another addition to our popular lineup of patches and emblems, Faux Suede patches are laser etched with a soft, velvety feel. Faux Suede patches are perfect for adding premium custom branding to headwear, apparel, outerwear, and more!

Classic Neutrals and Bright Colors

With over 20 color options to choose from, these patches are perfect for achieving a rustic look or adding a tonal pop of color with texture and dimension! Your design is laser etched onto the patch for a trendy tone-on-tone finish.

Optional Border

Faux Suede patches also have the option to add an overlock stitch border. Choose from 90+ thread color choices to add a contrasting border color or add a matching thread color for a monochrome, stitched on effect without the needle!

Tap Into New Markets with Faux Suede

Faux Suede patches are available with a Heat Applied or Pressure Sensitive (sticker) adhesive. Use Heat Applied patches to decorate headwear and apparel. With Pressure Sensitive adhesive, you can tap into new markets or upsell a job for hard goods including drink wear, notepads, and more!

See these patches in action and learn how to apply them with STAHLS’ expert, Kelly!

Please allow 3 business days for your digital proof after payment of art set-up fee. Pre-production sample is available for an additional fee. Submit your artwork today!

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2 thoughts on “High End Decorating Looks: ALL NEW Faux Suede Patches”

  1. Question. I have a client who would like to have a two sided tag with 1. their logo 2. a QR code so their customers can go to there website for their product. Is this faux suede patch something that can be done and then they can have it on their product? Kind of like a timberland tag, or a purse tag, but with logo and QR code. ?

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