the heat press transformation featuring duds by dudes

Heat Press Transformation 3: Duds by Dudes

Tune in to our latest installment of Heat Press Transformation, a STAHS’ series in collaboration with industry consultant Marshall Atkinson. Aimed at showcasing high-level print shops and providing feedback for increased efficiency, productivity, and profit, the latest episode features Duds by Dudes, an apparel decoration fulfillment center based in San Diego, CA.

Introducing Duds by Dudes

Established in 2003, Duds by Dudes initially outsourced their custom apparel printing. In 2014, however, they transitioned to in-house production, a pivotal move for their growth. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, they adopted the motto “count on us” and recently expanded to a 15,000 sq ft facility, showcasing their remarkable journey. Duds by Dudes offers a wide range of services including screen printing, heat applied graphics, embroidery, and in-house graphic design services.

Duds by Duds exemplifies the HPT series, offering valuable insights into high-level apparel decorating businesses’ efficiency and production capacities.

Diversification through Heat Printing

Part of the success of Duds by Dudes can be attributed to their utilization of new decoration technologies. Through the use of heat printing, Duds by Dudes is able to offer full-color, special effect, and dimensional decoration techniques. By embracing the possibilities afforded by this technology, they have cemented their position as industry leaders, consistently delivering standout, personalized items that leave a lasting impression.

Heat applied products have been a huge advantage for us… There are so many different things you can do with a heat press like dimensional or flat, and you can mimic almost every other technique out there with a simple heat press… Back in the day it was just the cherry on top, or icing on the cake, but now it truly is its own flavor.

Brian Geffen, Owner of Duds by Dudes

Watch the latest Heat Press transformation with Duds by Dudes and discover the following:

  • Integrating heat printing into commercial screen printing shops
  • The formula for business growth with minimal marketing
  • Strategies to maximize ROI on equipment investments
  • How to easily train new employees quickly
  • Advice on enhancing apparel printing efficiency

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