And the Winner is…Color of the Year

Ultra Violet has been announced as the Pantone® Color of the Year. CAD-CUT® Fashion-FILM® heat transfer vinyl in Matte Purple, is a near perfect match.

This regal and powerful color comes as a surprise to some, as the world around us seems somber. But that might be exactly why Pantone® chose this color because it “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”

Purple has been worn in the fashion industry for years, most notably by Amal Clooney, the Kardashians, and Queen Elizabeth II. You see people of all ages dying their hair lavender, amethyst, and plum. Purple is often used as a secondary color in weddings complimenting gold or greens. In children’s playrooms, it’s used to boost imagination and creativity. And in fashion, it implies royalty, confidence, and inclusion.

You might be thinking, “How does this relate to my business and how can I market purple to my customers?” Stahls’ did some lab testing and determined we offer a popular material in a color that closely resembles Ultra Violet. CAD-CUT® Fashion-FILM® Matte Purple. Fashion-FILM® is the best choice for decorating T-shirts because it’s thin and lightweight and allowing fine-detailed designs that won’t break when weeding.

So, jump on the purple haze craze and start decorating at the speed of Ultra Violet light.

Check out our newest CAD-CUT® Fashion-FILM®colors!


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