STAHLS’ Fulfill Engine Revolutionizes On Demand Apparel Customization

For over 90 years STAHLS’ has paved the way for innovation and efficiency in the apparel decoration industry. Now, we’re thrilled to announce the acquisition of Fulfill Engine, a leading software technology company specializing in order fulfillment, supply chain management, and e-commerce integration.

This is HUGE news for apparel decorators! Through advanced technology and our steadfast mission of creating confident, capable apparel decorators, STAHLS’ is committed to enabling decorator success through heat print on demand.

Check out the press release below and keep reading for more information about how this news is changing the landscape of apparel decoration for the foreseeable future.

STAHLS’ Fulfill Engine automates order acquisition, blank apparel sourcing, production schedules, and shipping, eliminating the need for hands-on administrative work or any manual data entry to keep the business operating. The fulfillment system is completely paperless and integrates with the many varying e-commerce storefront options that exist on the market. Decorators will also gain access to a network of contract printers and immediately have overflow resources at their fingertips.

The STAHLS’ Fulfill Engine allows decorators to focus on accepting more orders, becoming more efficient with production, and scaling their business to achieve even higher goals.

Empowering Heat Print On Demand

Heat print on demand is changing the game for apparel decorators everywhere. Through the acquisition of Fulfill Engine, STAHLS’ is making order fulfilment more efficient, expansive, and effortless for decorators. With advanced automation, this new technology empowers apparel decorators to be more in control of their business and accelerate growth- without investing more time or resources in administrative steps.  

The STAHLS’ Fulfill Engine Software allows businesses to capture orders at anytime, anywhere. With custom API integration, decorators can easily accept orders, source blanks, manage production, and schedule delivery, with just the click of a button. Technology is driving the future of print on demand, and with STAHLS’ Fulfill Engine, the future is now. All it takes to achieve success is a heat press and the power to print on demand.

Any Placement, Any Finish

A heat press offers so much potential. With only a small footprint, the amount of finishes you can achieve is almost unlimited. From HTV, screen-printed, and DTF transfers, to special effects, dimensional emblems and patches, and even no sew embroidered finishes, there’s a lot of power for decorators equipped with a heat press. This decoration potential allows heat printers to tap into a more market opportunities and easily scale their business.

Any Fabric, Any Style

Not only can decorators achieve a variety of finishes with heat print on demand, but they can also accommodate more fabrics. By expanding their blank item offering, decorators can scale into higher profit margin categories like performance wear, jackets, headwear, backpacks, and more. A larger product assortment allows decorators to capture more online sales, and with print on demand, there’s no need to worry about any increases in on-shelf inventory.

Watch the video below to see the special announcement of this exciting news with Carleen Gray and Josh Ellsworth at Printed United 2023!

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