Two Designs in One: ALL NEW FlexStyle® Holographic Emblems

Introducing Holographic Emblems, an ALL NEW FlexStyle® option! These innovative emblems enable you to showcase two designs within a single patch! Start offering special effect, interactive looks with premium quality and value.

Two-in-One Logos

Featuring a lenticular effect, FlexStyle® Holographic Emblems give you the ability to switch between two images in just one design! These unique logos will change when viewed from different angles, making them a great choice for creating eye-catching designs on a variety of apparel, headwear, bags, and outerwear. Plus, with pressure sensitive adhesive option, you can also use them on hard goods like water bottles, notepads, or mugs!

orange holographic emblem design flipping to 'fresh squeezed' text on orange tumbler

Create Interactive Designs for Standout Looks

Bring designs to life like never before! With a trendy matte finish in two different images, FlexStyle® Holographic is the perfect option for stand-out looks in any market. From fashion and high-end streetwear to sports and promotional branding, start offering premium quality looks with a high-value finish.

FlexStyle® Holographic Emblem Features:

  • Two designs in one emblem
  • Heat-Applied or Pressure Sensitive (sticker) adhesive options
  • Matte finish
  • Interactive special effect
  • Perfect for high-end branding, streetwear, promotional products, & sports

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