Mix & Match Custom Designs with Hook & Loop Patches

Picture this: the ability to effortlessly mix and match patches, change logos on a whim, and adapt designs to various styles and brands—all made possible with the simple swap of a patch. With STAHLS’ latest offering—Hook & Loop Backing for select patches, you can achieve all this with your heat press!

Why Choose Hook & Loop Backing?

Available for Embroidered, Print Stitch, and FlexStyle® Flat patches, hook and loop backings allow you to cater to all new markets, add premium value to your product offering, and showcase customer designs like never before.

Expand Your Creativity: Mix and match designs to create all new looks on apparel with the simple swap of a logo.

Connect with Diverse Markets: Cater to a multitude of markets, from schools and sports teams to corporate events and municipal organizations.

Effortless Logo Swapping: Easily switch custom logos, enabling swift brand representation changes when needed.

Trending Finishes & Low Order Minimums: Explore trendy finishes, including metallic options in FlexStyle® Flat, available with a low 25 minimum order quantity.

Top Markets for Hook & Loop Patches

Hook and loop patches open up a wide range of market opportunities for you to grow your business. Upsell current markets you serve on this premium product offering, or expand into new ones and scale your growth.

Schools & Sports: Effortlessly switch logos for home and away games, elevating team spirit and identity.

Events, Clubs, & Camps: Create a sense of belonging within groups by using badges or patches for divisions or achievements.

Police, Fire, & EMS: Simplify patch applications on tactical gear and apparel, offering an all-in-one solution.

Municipal, Corporate, & Promo: Enhance corporate branding initiatives by facilitating quick logo changes for different events or departments.

How to Apply

Applying Hook & Loop Backed Patches is a breeze:

  1. Ready-to-Apply Convenience: Each transfer arrives with the hook backing and loop cut to match.
  2. Simple Heat Application: Apply the loop to the garment using a heat press for a secure attachment.
  3. Mix & Match Freedom: Effortlessly swap and mix designs to suit your preferences.

Start offering customizable, swappable patches to your customers! Explore our different patches compatible with hook & loop backing below, or order a sample pack to experience the magic in person!

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