Introducing ALL NEW CAD-CUT® Chroma-TWILL™!

Adding to our lineup of textured HTV, we’re so excited to announce our latest product launch, CAD-CUT® Chroma-TWILL™! With the look and feel of woven fabric, CAD-CUT® Chroma-TWILL™ is perfect for offering high-value, eye-catching looks!

This glossy heat transfer vinyl has a special effect, iridescent color shift. Available in 9 color options, CAD-CUT® Chroma-TWILL™ is your go-to HTV for creating trendy, dimensional designs. It can even layered on top of itself for more unique looks with only a heat press! This material allows you to tap into traditional twill looks without investing in any embroidery equipment.

"Yes Girl" text in CAD-CUT Chroma-TWILL™ in White layered on top of CAD-CUT Chroma-TWILL™ in Sky Blue
CAD-CUT® Chroma-TWILL™ can be layered on top of itself to create multicolor looks.

CAD-CUT® Chroma-TWILL™ Features:

  • Iridescent color shift
  • Glossy finish with traditional twill texture
  • Can be sewn or heat-applied
  • Can be layered on top of itself

Check out the hottest new HTV from STAHLS’ by ordering a sample today!

Also make sure to check out our video below and see how easy it is to cut, weed, and heat apply this unique HTV!

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