introducing sport-stitch custom stitched logos

Introducing Sport-Stitch® Custom Stitched Logos!

Add an embroidered finish to your designs using only a heat press! With ALL NEW Sport-Stitch® custom logos, you can deliver high-end, stitched logos that save you time and money. No need to invest in expensive embroidery equipment- decorate apparel with an zig zag border finish in seconds!

Enter New Markets with Sport-Stitch® Heat-Applied Embroidered Logos

Expand your market reach across sporting goods, schools, high-end fashion, promotional apparel, & more, with the premium look of appliqué. Perfect for jerseys, fleece, jackets, and headwear, your custom design comes complete with a zig zag stitched border, and the application is as simple as using your heat press.

Add Premium Texture to Apparel with Just a Heat Press

Customize your Sport-Stitch® logo with up to two layers per design in Twill or Acrylic Felt*! Mix and match with your choice of 16 Twill, 9 Acrylic Felt, and 16 thread color choices, allowing you to create truly unique designs.

*Note: Acrylic Felt can only be used as a foreground layered onto Twill

The Advantages of Sport-Stitch® Custom Stitched Logos

  1. Efficiency: Ditch the laborious stitching and save precious time and money while streamlining your production process.
  2. Professional Quality: Attain a high-end, professional look of custom embroidery without the burden of extensive equipment.
  3. Versatile Applications: Sport-Stitch® is suitable for a wide range of apparel, including fleece, jerseys, jackets, and headwear.
  4. Broaden Market Opportunities: Cater to the ever-growing demand for custom embroidery in sports, schools, high-end fashion, and promotional branding.

Get Started with Sport-Stitch®

Ready to start offering custom heat-applied embroidered looks? Click the links below to learn more or begin uploading your logo!

Looking for more heat-applied appliqué choices? Explore STAHLS’ wide range no-sew twill transfer options!

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  1. I’m excited to learn about this new option! I’ve had to refer customers to embroiderers because it’s just not a service I ever see myself offering. Are there order minimums?

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