The 12 Shirts of Christmas

by Danielle Petroskey, Marketing

12 Shirts of Christmas: Santa, Did You Get My TextIt’s beginning to look a lot like…..wait, what!?

So you may be thinking, “um… it’s only November, Stahls’ – not quite Christmas, so let’s not push the envelope subject any earlier, shall we?” Well, here’s the deal. We know your customers are going to want to purchase these items from you for the holidays, so we wanted to give you some time to explore the possibilities and create just what they are looking for and help you make some extra cash. Sound good? Good.

Here we go!

On the first shirt of Christmas, we printed: Santa, did you get my text? Screen Printed Transfer

Did you know Santa sends text messages? Yeah, we didn’t either, until recently. But, knowing that he does makes all the difference when creating this fun shirt with a plastisol stock transfer for a young person in your customer’s life.

  1. Product used: Plastisol white ink transfer from Transfer Paper Experts
  2. Santa Did You Get My Text Screen Printed TransferTools Needed: Heat press
  3. Garment: Sweatshirt, T-shirt, hoodie, etc.

Set up the heat press with these settings:

  • Temperature: 390-400° F
  • Pressure: Heavy (8-9 on Hotronix® heat presses)

Tip StockingTip: Put the garment on the heat press when setting pressure, making sure all heavy seams, buttons, etc. are not interfering with the pressure. You may want to raise the area to be printed with a print perfect pad or use a quick change platen providing a solid surface.

Garment Decoration Application Instructions:

  1. Preheat your garment for a few seconds
  2. Lay out the transfer onto the garment, ink side down
  3. Heat apply for 8 seconds
  4. Peel Hot (immediately – don’t let the garment cool at all)
  5. Complete the sale!

Check out the other Shirts of Christmas:
2. The Polar Expression: “North Pole” Plaid Text with Light String
3. To Make a Long List Short: “Dear Santa, I Want It All” Rhinestone Transfer
4. A Different Way to Trim the Tree: “Hairy Christmas” Screen Printed Transfer
5. Dancing & Prancing in Jingle Bell Square: “Harwood Winter Fest” CAD-PRINTZ® Transfer
6. Here Comes Santa Paws: “Santa’s Pawfect Helper” Nailhead Transfer & Pre-Cut Letters
7. Those J-I-N-G-L-E Bells: “Get Your Jingle On” Rhinestone Transfer
8. So Fair To Be Seen: “Christmas Craft Fair” Screen Printed Transfer
9. Out of the Workshop: “Coach K’s Elves” Heat Transfer Material Designs
10. Rudolph’s Not the Only One Running: “5K Run Run Reindeer” Custom Screen Printed Transfer

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2 thoughts on “The 12 Shirts of Christmas”

  1. hello, is there anyway we can buy the 12 different transfers you are showing on stahl’s tv or at stahl’s . I would like to have at least one of each of the 12.
    thank you,
    I am an NNEP member.
    I buy vinyl when ever I can.
    Thank you !

  2. Hi Ann,

    The transfers featured in The 12 Shirts of Christmas are not available for purchase as a single collection, but can be purchased from Stahls’, The Wild Side, Transfer Express, and Great Dane Graphics.

    Each post will indicate which site the designs come from. This allows for more personalization and gives you the chance to add your own touches when creating the garments.

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