What Do You Do to Keep Customers Smiling?

How Do You Make Your Customers SmileCustomers are the cornerstone of any business, including Stahls’. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. It’s important to make sure your customers know they are appreciated.
We asked our Facebook community what they did to make their customers smile. We’ve compiled the list to share with you. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments section!
Be sure to check out yesterday’s post with the infographic, 5 Ways to Make Your Customers Smile.
• Throw in some freebies with the order
• Send a decorated jacket or higher-end item to celebrate a milestone such as their anniversary of opening their business or doing business with you.
• Donate an item to school sporting events.
• Offer a free banner with uniform purchases.
• Offer an Early Bird Special Free $5 amazon gift cards with purchases over $25 or “Freebie Friday.”
• Add a color at no additional charge when screening or cutting. Also offer your cell phone number to customers.
• Add a few extras on a big order – If I am doing shirts I will give them a few extras
• Free hugs.
• Free local delivery and high-end packaging. I keep a CRM database and remind them of upcoming birthdays and special events. They LOVE that!
• I always add a little something extra and if my customers have a complaint of any kind I don’t stop until I make it right.
• I give extra shirts or caps away. Always communicating in writing – text or email.
• Throw in a few koozies with shirt orders. Customers love them and usually end up ordering some after that.
• Work quickly, send them proofs to approve, and revise if necessary. Also, include little freebies. My biggest sellers are custom onesies/toddler shirts. So if it’s for a girl, I usually include a hair accessory. If I don’t know the gender, I’ll include a bib with a coordinating design.
• Have giveaways REGULARLY!
• Offer to personalize something for them.

• Deliver breakfast with the order (donuts, bagels or a fruit tray can make your company memorable).
• Free coffee and bagels on Monday mornings.
• Cider and donuts during Fall Fridays.

• Include coupons/discounts for future orders.
• Have an offer like, Bring your receipt in within one week to receive 20% off your next purchase.
• Have roll-back pricing: team orders placed by X date receive 10% off.
• Ensure they are greeted as SOON as they step foot in the door. We do our best to give them our undivided attention and pay close attention to detail….I give them an array of options and suggestions..and we also offer a frequent buyer program.

• Rush orders
• Good turn around time, free gift with each purchase and a personal hand written thank you card
• get their orders right
• Do what I promise, when I promise…that’s all.
• deliver on time
• Deliver on time or ahead of time…
• Deliver what I promise, when I promise with a smile!
• Delivery.
• Custom Design, Fast Delivery & Free T shirts
• Being able to offer their customer what no one else is offering. A uniqueness to the product
• Deliver on time (or ahead of schedule!)
• Double check the order for accuracy before handing it over.
• Take the time to individually sort and bag orders if they are getting distributed to players or students.
• fast proofs, quick and quality production and follow up to make sure everything ok
• Meet deadlines and offer high quality service and products!

• Be available – respond to any questions/concerns quickly
• Send a handwritten thank you note after a first order.
• Provide fast, accurate, friendly service at rock bottom prices
• Offer products your customers want and just can’t live without! We treat our customers like they are “our new best friends.”
• Open and honest communication. Do not take on a job just because you don’t want to say no. Stick to a production schedule.
• Provide a business card and a free window sticker with every purchase
• Quick communication when they call, text, message or email. People are used to getting instant gratification, so I’m quick on the draw.
• Give them excellent service and be willing to go outside expectations!
• Smile, let them do the talking & be quick about getting orders finished.


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6 thoughts on “What Do You Do to Keep Customers Smiling?”

  1. It would be great if you would offer free shipping options. You would get a lot more business from my company.

  2. Great ideas…but it has me thinking, I’ve been doing business with Stahls for years and I don’t remember getting anything for free! I keep coming back because of your selection and service. So feel free to throw in some extra stuff the next time I order.

  3. I have to agree with Christopher, free shipping would be great. I understand that you are offering free shipping on heat presses, but how often are we going to buy a new heat press? Free shipping on vinyl, ect. would be great, and help us out a lot more.

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