12 Shirts: Dancing & Prancing in Jingle Bell Square

by Danielle Petroskey, Marketing

12 Shirts of Christmas: Harwood Winter Fest CAD-PRINTZ Transfer
On the first shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Santa, did you get my text?” Screen Printed Transfer
On the second shirt of Christmas, we printed “North Pole” Plaid Text with Light String
On the third shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Dear Santa, I Want It All” Rhinestone Transfer
On the fourth shirt of Christmas, we printed a “Hairy Christmas” Screen Printed Transfer

On the fifth shirt of Christmas, we ordered Great Dane Graphics Stock Art as a CAD-PRINTZ® Transfer


If your business is in an area where the white stuff falls from the sky in the months after summer and fall, then winter festivals are most likely happening near you. What better way to promote them than having a warm sweatshirt shining with the festival design?

Luckily winter isn’t the only season that has festivals, and shirts aren’t the only items that can be decorated to celebrate them. #ThinkSpring and shorts, can coolers, umbrellas, towels, shoes, hats, blankets, are just a few things that may inspire you to approach the festival purchasing committees!

See below for the directions on how we created this fun shirt for the Harwood Winter Fest.

Items used: Custom CAD-PRINTZ® Full Color Digital Transfer on FoilTEK™ printable heat transfer material

C-3490 from Great Dane Graphics.
The C-3490 design can be ordered from Great Dane Graphics.

Design: Created and personalized using Great Dane Graphics design #C-3490

Tip-StockingTip: After personalizing the artwork to create your graphics, you can upload the file and Stahls’ will create the digital transfer for you.

Tools Needed:
Heat press
Graphics software (for design editing)
Optional: Print Perfect Pad, heat printing pillow, non-stick cover sheet

Garment: Sweatshirt, T-shirt, hoodie, etc.

Heat Press Settings:
Temperature: 280-300° F
Pressure: Medium (#6 on Hotronix® heat presses)

Tip-StockingTip: Using a heat printing pillow or Print Perfect Pad is recommended for even pressure when working around zippers, buttons, or heavy seams.

Application Instructions:

• Place garment on lower platen and preheat it for 10 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture

• Remove the paper backing from the transfer

• Position the transfer sticky side down on the garment

• Cover with a non-stick cover sheet

• Heat apply for 5 seconds

• Open the heat press and remove the non-stick cover sheet

• Wait 7-10 seconds and peel the clear mask from the transfer

• Cover the applied design with the cover sheet

• Heat apply for another 5 seconds

Tip-StockingTip: If designs will not be heat applied immediately, store avoiding humid spaces and extreme changes in temperature.

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