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Heat Press Transformation: Business Growth & Increased Efficiency for JC Pro Designs

Tune in to our latest installment of Heat Press Transformation and join industry experts Marshall Atkinson and Dave Conner as they tour behind the scenes of JC Pro Designs, an industry-leading apparel decorator. In this episode, explore their business, processes, and challenges as they share their journey and receive insider tips to fuel growth in the industry.

Heat Press Transformation Episode Overview

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of heat printing and uncover five key lessons that you can put into action:

  1. Unleashing your business’s growth potential: Explore effective marketing strategies and leverage strong relationships with vendors and customers to expand your heat print business.
  2. Dare to diversify: Find out how JC Pro Designs successfully transitioned from heat transfer and DTG services to screen printing and embroidery, meeting customer demands and consolidating their offerings.
  3. Efficient and cost-effective techniques: Learn how to streamline processes and save time by utilizing productivity-boosting equipment.
  4. The art of branding labels: Discover how to effortlessly add branding labels to garments, like polo shirts, and increase their value.
  5. Mastering the fine art of delegation: Discover how empowering employees, cross-training, and effective leadership allow you to scale your business without sacrificing quality.

Business Overview

JC Pro Designs, owned by Justin Leader, started as a humble operation in his living room in 2016. What began with a craft cutter and a heat press soon grew into a renowned apparel decoration business. Their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and willingness to adopt new technologies enabled them to expand their services to include heat printing, direct-to-garment (DTG), screen printing, and embroidery.

Their commitment to excellence, coupled with strong relationships with vendors, played a crucial role in attracting contracts for heat transfer services. Word of mouth from satisfied retail customers propelled their growth further, establishing JC Pro Designs as a trusted name in the industry.

I started in my living room in 2016 with a Silhouette and a cheap heat press. How my growth really happened with my customers was my relationships with the vendors and my relationship with Danny from STAHLS’. He referred some of the shops looking for somebody to do contract heat transfer services. Those customers then referred other customers, and it grew from there.

A lot of my retail customers came from word of mouth as well. I started with just heat transfer and DTG, then transitioned to screen printing. They saw what I did with DTG and heat transfer and the quality that we delivered, so they began moving their screen print over to us. Then they start asking about embroidery. So last year, I bought embroidery equipment so they can send it all to one place instead of having to send it to multiple contract decorators.

Justin Leader, Owner of JC Pro Designs

Current Business Processes and Procedures

JC Pro Designs takes pride in being a well-equipped facility. Their production floor features cutting-edge machinery such as multiple Hotronix® heat presses, a direct-to-garment printer, and automatic screen-printing equipment. To maximize efficiency, they have also implemented a split belt dryer catering to both screen printing and DTG.

While JC Pro Designs demonstrates expertise in production, they face challenges in standardizing their processes and addressing tasks outside their core competencies, hindering scalability and growth.

Key Challenges Facing JC Pro Designs

Due to their willingness to adopt new technologies, JC Pro Designs faces some challenges in response to their fast business growth. Despite their success, JC Pro Designs acknowledges the need to tackle several core challenges.

Firstly, they struggle with tasks unrelated to their roles, preventing efficient time utilization and inhibiting growth. Secondly, there is a lack of comprehensive leadership and management development, hindering effective decision-making and process standardization. Lastly, post-production tasks such as relabeling, fulfillment boxes, and drop shipping orders are being missed, leading to lost opportunities for additional revenue.

Solutions and Suggestions for Growth and Improvement

In the video, Marshall and Dave provide valuable insights and suggestions to address JC Pro Designs’ challenges and fuel their growth. Their recommendations include:

  • Delegating Responsibilities and Streamlining Processes: To optimize productivity and focus on their strengths, JC Pro Designs should assign specific tasks to individuals, allowing for efficient time management and accountability.
  • Developing Leadership and Management: Investing in leadership and management development is crucial for JC Pro Designs. By fine-tuning their processes, implementing standard operating procedures, and fostering effective decision-making, they can enhance efficiency and scalability.
  • Opportunity for Revenue Growth: JC Pro Designs can seize untapped opportunities by engaging in post-production tasks, including relabeling, fulfillment boxes, and drop shipping orders. These initiatives enhance customer experience and open doors to additional revenue streams.
  • Planning for Growth: To expand their operations, JC Pro Designs must plan strategically for future growth. This includes setting benchmarks, hiring skilled personnel, defining roles and salaries in advance, and factoring the costs of hiring into their pricing structure for financial stability.

JC Pro Designs’ remarkable journey demonstrates how heat printing can fuel business growth when combined with efficient processes and adaptation to evolving customer demands.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from industry experts and embark on your own journey towards success. To discover the world of JC Pro Designs, witness their business transformation, and gain invaluable insights to apply to your own business, watch the full video here:

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