Differences in the CAD- PRINTZ™ Digital Print Media

Part Four of a series of articles about CAD-PRINTZ, full color digital transfers.

By Peggy Elliott

We have arrived at Part 4 of this CAD-PRINTZ™ blog series, we’ve covered CAD-PRINTZ, why you should use them, and what you can decorate. Now, let’s review the various digital print media so you can make the right choice for your applications. There are two families of digital print media, one is CAD-COLOR® and the other is CAD-COLOR® Solutions™. The key difference between the two brands is that the Solutions media has an adhesive called STX²™. This adhesive allows you to apply to virtually any fabric. We’ve tested these materials on all kinds of fabrics, including nylon, neoprene, even leather. The chart below gives you a basic guideline of the media characteristics and what we consider the “best use” for each media. Don’t let that stop you from trying different application, just be sure to review the material selection chart for fabric compatibility and always test your fabrics!

Each media is put through a wash test 50 times to ensure durability. Application instructions are posted on Stahls’ ID Direct™ for your convenience. Next week, we’ll take a look at how to get a quote and place an order.

Media Chart
Digital Print Media Reference Chart

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