Understanding the Offset Setting on Your Vinyl Cutter – Tip Jar Tutorial

Understanding Offset with your Vinyl Cutter

If you’ve been cutting vinyl and have had a difficult time achieving accurate corners, it could be the offset setting. If you have tried to cut a thicker material like flock vinyl or twill on your cutter by changing to a higher degree blade but failed to adjust the offset, chances are you failed OR it wasn’t quite as easy as you thought it would be….

Offset is that mystery setting on your vinyl cutter that few people ever adjust. Actually, some may not even realize that this setting exists! In this week’s edition of Tip Jar we’ll take the mystery out of the offset setting by showing you exactly what it does and how to adjust it properly.

Please enjoy the video below and post your comments!

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8 thoughts on “Understanding the Offset Setting on Your Vinyl Cutter – Tip Jar Tutorial”

  1. Josh~

    Thank you so much for this video on offset settings….When I got my cutter about 1.5 years ago I was never told about the offset and what the difference was when changing the offset. Now I know and will definitely pay more attention to it!

    Thanks again!

    Tina K.
    Embroidery Gals

  2. AWESOMENESS!! nice TIP.. i had that challenge when i first tried to cut the flock material with the standard settings of the machine and original blade,

  3. Really helpful video! Offset has definitely been a mystery to me and your examples really helped me to understand it’s purpose a lot better.
    Is there a “standard”/recommneded offset number for a 60 degree blade on the Roland GX24 ? IE: like 0.25 is the recommended offset for the 45 degree blade Thanks!

  4. AMAZING video!! Definitely helped me alot. Had no idea why my machine was giving me such horrible cuts.

  5. And now I know. Thank you so much Josh. I have only been working with the Roland machine for the last 5 to 7 months and I have come to understand more in 3 days of watching your videos. Thanks for the help.


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