10 Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Stahls’ wishes all our customers a Happy Father’s Day! Think outside the box and use your decoration skills to create a one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift for Dad, Grandpa, or the special guy in your life. Sure, anyone can use another T-shirt or hoodie, but this year surprise Pops with a gift that will be sure to stand out! We’ve got you covered with both heat application and sign vinyl decoration methods. Here are 10 gift ideas that will make any guy happy on his day!

Heat Applied

Sporting Good Accessories

Create unique add-ons for the sporty or outdoor guys. Think golf towels, jackets, or umbrellas! Decorate any of these items with Dad’s name or favorite sports team. His gear will stand out and have his friends talking!


For the guy on the go, a personalized bag is a great everyday gift! Bags are used so frequently but often overlooked as an item to be decorated. Athletic guys will love their own distinct gym or duffel bag and the working guy will appreciate a briefcase or messenger bag styled for him.

Office Wear

Make sure Dad looks good in his next meeting. Corporate apparel is a huge market that you can tap into for a Father’s Day gift any guy will love. Add Dad’s monogram to his favorite dress shirt or polo. You can apply to left chests, pockets, or shirt cuffs! Get creative with placements to make garments truly tailored to Dad.


How many guys out there use a lanyard daily? Whether it’s an ID badge or just to hold their keys, lanyards are a fun way to personalize an everyday item for Dad. Heat apply Dad’s favorite slogan, hobby, or anything that makes him special!


What guy doesn’t wear a hat? With so many hat styles out there, it’s easy to find one that fits your guy. Use the 360 IQ hat press to print anywhere on a hat! You can’t go wrong with a standard crown cap placement, but Dad deserves something extra. You can add his initials or a favorite saying to the side panel or under the bill. Dad will cherish a hat that is truly his own and not worn by anyone else!

Pressure Sensitive


Like the briefcase for the office, the fisherman’s most important accessory is his trusty tacklebox. That thing goes everywhere, so why not turn it into a gift? A few cool ideas for the tacklebox are adding Dad’s name, his favorite fishing hole, or even a tape measurer on the side to capture the size of any catch!
*Tip – CAD-CUT® Patterns Realtree® vinyl is perfect for the outdoorsman

Cornhole Set

Father’s Day kicks off the summer season. For bonfires, beach parties, or backyard gatherings, outdoor games are the center of attention. Adding a design to an existing cornhole set is a perfect way for Dad to show off. Use something your Dad loves to decorate the set – sports-related, movie or TV characters, his favorite hobby or pastime. The possibilities are endless!

Coolers & Yeti Mugs

Most Dads have their own Yeti mug and coolers. Quickly turn these items into customized gift that Dad will be proud to show off at any BBQ!


Highlight a specific moment, whether it’s a life event, old family photo, or even sports memorabilia. You can add dates, location, or a favorite quote to any photo frame to turn a memory or sentiment into a tangible gift for Dad.

Car Decals

So many guys love cars, adding a decal might just be the perfect gift! Anything that Dad likes can be turned into a design and added anywhere to his vehicle. Let him show off on the road all year long and in any weather with a personalized car decal!

Of course, you can never go wrong with a personalized graphic T-shirt for Dad. Join Jenna for a how-to create the perfect Father’s Day gift shirt in this video.

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