Why Should I Use CAD-PRINTZ™ Digital Transfers

Part Two of a series of articles about CAD-PRINTZ, full color digital transfers.

By Peggy Elliott

CAD-PRINTZ Digital Transfer
CAD-PRINTZ Digital Transfer

Previously in Part 1 of this series, we defined CAD-PRINTZ digital transfers and explained the printing process. Today, I want to focus on the features and benefits and why you might choose this product to complement other decorating methods, such as embroidery, screen printing or DTG.

We offer full color digital transfers to help you solve your decorating dilemmas no matter how big or small .

Advantages of CAD-PRINTZ Digital Services:

  1. You don’t need to purchase additional heat printing equipment, which causes additional in-house labor and overhead costs printing. We print them for you!
  2. They’re easy to order, just upload your artwork and we’ll ship within 24 hours. We even have a CAD-PRINTZ tutorial to show you how. Plus we are shipping from our newest distribution center, GroupeSTAHL West. West Coast customers receive their orders even faster.
  3. Whether you order one color or 20 with shades in between, there is no per color fee.
  4. You can achieve magnificent detail with small text and fine lines that would be impossible with other decorating methods. And…photo-realistic images that really pop.
  5. You can print items with CAD-PRINTZ that you can’t or wouldn’t dream of doing with other printing processes. Bags, wallets, jackets, t-shirts, bandannas, wetsuits, cozies, the possibilities are endless and that my friends, means more $$$ in your pocket.
  6. With the types of items you can print, you can open yourself up to servicing new markets…sports & booster clubs, fashion, corporate, tourism & travel, charities and more!

With CAD-PRINTZ digital transfers the possibilities are endless! All you need is a heat press!

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