Weeding Vinyl Designs Faster With the Right Equipment & Accessories

Do you ever wish that you could speed up the weeding process when using heat transfer vinyl or sign vinyl? You’re not alone! The weeding process can be very tedious and time-consuming. Weeding time is the most labor-intensive step in decorating a garment with HTV. Since the cost of labor is one component that goes into finished costs, it is important to work efficiently. The next time you head over to the heat press, think about how YOU can save time. Try these tools and accessories below and watch how much time you save on your next project.

#1 Weeders & Tweezers

If you’re familiar with cutting your own designs, you know there are small areas of vinyl that can be tricky to remove with just your fingers. STAHLS’® carries two tools that make weeding away cavities a breeze. First, our EZ-Weeder® is one of our most used accessories when it comes to weeding away excess material. Resembling a dental tool, the EZ Weeder has a sharp point to help lift and reach the most intricate spots of your design after it is cut. Second, the Weeding Tweezers work hand-in-hand with removing excess vinyl from your design. Most of our customers love using tweezers to help place pieces of vinyl back down on the carrier if something accidentally gets pulled or lifted up. The tweezers are great to keep your hand steady while working with any of our HTV materials.

#2 Weeding Panel

For smaller jobs and portability, the CAD-CUT® Weeding Panel is the perfect option. The secret to easier weeding is heat. This panel heats up to 130 degrees and helps loosen the vinyl adhesive from the carrier making it easier to weed. With a footprint of 16″ x 22″ and weighing less than 10 lbs., this is an ideal accessory to add to your home workspace. To learn how to properly mount the panel to a permanent or temporary location, make sure to check out the instructions sheet. Important Note: This panel is designed to work with HTV materials that are only hot and warm peels.

#3 STAHLS’ EZ Weeding Table

Similar to the Weeding Panel, the EZ Weeding™ Table has the same features plus more! The table will be the ultimate option if you’re looking for something to help with larger production jobs. This table is a workhorse; with its 20″ x 36″ surface area, you can weed a full yard of material at once. The table also comes with a clamp to secure your vinyl, different temperature settings, and a convenient compartment to store your EZ Weeder and smaller accessories. To learn more about weeding vinyl and the advantages the EZ Weeding table offers, make sure to check out our previous blog post. Important Note: This table is designed to work with HTV materials that are only hot and warm peels.

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  1. Wow! After seeing you demonstrate both ways of weeding it’s so clear how weeding properly is a time, and headache, saver! You can be sure that I will be paying a lot more attention to how I am weeding a design from now on. Thanks for another great Tip Jar vid, Josh!

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