STAHLS' EZ Weeding Table perfect for weeding warm and hot peel heat transfer vinyl

Effortless Weeding with the EZ Weeding Table

Optimize your workspace and increase productivity by up to 80% with the STAHLS’ EZ Weeding™ Table. You’re probably thinking, “There’s no way a table can make my business more efficient, can it?” The simple answer is YES!

The EZ Weeding Table heats up to 130°F for maximum productivity when weeding larger jobs. To explain further, when you have a warm or hot peel material the adhesive loosens when heated, allowing for a seamless peel of the carrier from the design. The same thing happens when you heat up a warm or hot peel material on this patented table: the excess material easily weeds away from the cut design, virtually cutting your weeding time in half.

This is especially helpful when you’re working with finely detailed designs. If you’re familiar with weeding, you know how challenging it is to work with certain materials that break into tiny pieces. It can take forever to weed a single design. For example, our popular material CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™ HTV has been known to give heat printers a weeding headache. Our team did a time study and found that by using the EZ Weeding Table to weed a 10″ x 8″ design, they saved a total of 1.5 minutes per design! If that doesn’t convince you that this is the next piece of equipment your shop needs to invest in, check out this EZ Weeding time savings chart.

Top Advantages of the STAHLS’ EZ Weeding Table:

Saves Time with Less Breakage

We already covered this top-selling feature above. Simply put: the EZ Weeding Table heats warm and hot peel vinyl, loosening the bond between the material and its carrier. This allows for an easier peel and overall weeding experience.

Time = Money – Better Bottom Line

Because you’re able to get more done in less time, the extra weeded designs translate right to a better bottom line.

Eliminates Weeding Frustrations

This goes hand-in-hand with the first feature. You’re able to tackle more intricate designs you might’ve once avoided because they’re no longer a challenge to weed. Simply clamp the design onto the table, heat it to the desired temp setting, and you’ll have a fully weeded design in no time.

Reduces Operator Fatigue

Say goodbye to back and neck pain caused by being hunched over your weeding area for long periods of time. This table features a 20” x 36” surface area with four incline positions, making it much more ergonomic.

Accessories to Make Weeding Even Easier

STAHLS’ thought of everything when designing this table. It features:

  • Three temperature settings – 110°F for finely detailed designs, up to 130°F for maximum productivity on larger jobs
  • Top clamp holds materials in place while weeding
  • Built-in storage compartment to hold tweezers, EZ Weeder®, and more
  • Fits most production tables and countertops 

EZ Weeding Table Works Best with These Warm/Hot Peel CAD-CUT HTV:

3M Scotchlite™ 5807

Heat Press Adhesive


Chroma Bling


Glitter Flake™


Patterns – Express Print® & Glitter

Premium Plus™

Reflective II

Soft Flock

SportFilm Lite™




The STAHLS’ EZ Weeding Table is a great investment for any size shop looking to increase productivity and reduce weeding frustrations. Watch the video below to see how this innovative product can help your business.

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