Creating Opportunity with STAHLS’ Spirit Sale™

Spirit Sale™ is an ecommerce platform that allows you to quickly setup online stores specific to your customer base. This incredible tool makes running your business so simple! The ordering experience is seamless – no order forms or physical payment! Your customers can view their online store, customize their garments, and place orders immediately. Perfect for schools, churches and clubs, fundraising events, sports teams, and more! Spirit Sale™ creates convenience for your business and your customers!

Fundraising Made Easy

Spirit Sale™ has a unique feature that allows users to donate directly to a cause without the purchase of apparel. You can setup a link to direct donations for a simple way for people to contribute quickly. Perfect for fundraising, the Spirit Sale™ store can also be built so a certain percentage of each sale is automatically sent to the fundraiser recipient. Collecting money and handling proceeds has never been easier!

Creating an Online Store

You can import stock blank apparel images from several manufacturers including Gildan®, Bella+ Canvas®, Port Authority®, and more. Because you have access to so much apparel, this store can be suited to the exact needs of any customer. From economical fundraisers to high-quality performance wear, you can setup each store with confidence. Easily manage sales, inventory, and profit margins with this intuitive software.

After you choose your apparel, you can import your custom designs into the platform and create personalized, quality mock-ups of all your apparel offerings. As a result, customers can see their logos on T-shirts, hoodies, hats, or anything you sell! The ability to create custom images builds value within your individual stores. Simply customize to your markets and get ready for incoming orders.

Physical Production

When you have orders, it’s time to get to work! You can cut, weed, and heat apply your customer’s designs immediately as the orders come in, or you can set a duration for the store to be open. Once the store’s duration ends, you can create all the orders in bulk. Depending on the size of the store’s customer base, ultimately it’s your choice on how to handle the production. Spirit Sale™ is so easy to setup and is so helpful in organization of your customers and orders; the majority of your time and labor is during the physical production. Don’t waste time taking orders or manually compiling and organizing your job list.

Business Asset

Spirit Sale™ saves you time, which is the most important part of running your business. The software also clearly displays all your important business numbers from cost to profit margins. You can export spreadsheets, handle inventory, and run production reports with the click of a button! Managing your business will be a breeze with Spirit Sale™, and your customers will appreciate the user-friendly interface and convenient ordering process.

In this video, Jenna details her experience setting up a Spirit Sale™ store for a local Pastor to help raise funds for his Church that was impacted by the pandemic. Take a look to learn more about using Spirit Sale™ for a specific market.

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