The Heat Printing 8th Day of Christmas

The Heat Printing Twelve Days
of Christmas


On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… 8 eye-popping designs!

Christmas is the time for strings of lights, tinsel, shiny bulbs, and silver bells.  According to the song, I was only supposed to get five golden rings, but my true love likes to exceed expectations, so he got me eight flashy designs he applied with his heat press.

The first was a maid-a-milking T-shirt made with CAD-CUT® Glitter. I’m not sure where I’ll be able to wear it, but it sure looks cool.

Next came a swan-a-swimming hoodie made with Hologram. It makes it look like the swan swam in the sweltering sunlight.

My third flashy gift was a hat with a goose-a-laying printed in 3M™ Scotchlite™ 5807™ reflective heat transfer material. The goose may not have laid the proverbial golden egg, but I think the silver egg is priceless.

Then came a pair of sweatpants adorned with a ring printed in gold Fashion-FILM™ Metallic II.  Assuming this was a proposal, I immediately said yes, but the look of horror on his face showed that the ring was only symbolic. I’m beginning to wonder if my true love is my one true love.

He returned to the safety theme with running pants with a calling bird printed with Reflective heat transfer material. I’ll be able to wear them on my nightly jog. I just hope the bird isn’t calling long-distance!

My true love also gave me a French hen T-shirt made with Gloss. Not only does he enjoy my corny jokes – he also cares about how I look. But I still don’t know what a French hen is.

Just what I wanted – another hat! This one with a turtle dove printed in heat transfer foil. He even crumpled the foil up before applying it to achieve a distressed look.  I don’t know how much good a distressed dove (especially a turtle dove, whatever that is) cap is going to do me, but my true love definitely has an eye for fashion.

And he wrapped the whole thing up with a partridge T-shirt printed in Glitter Flake.  Unfortunately, it also has a pair of trees on it (he obviously doesn’t know the words very well). But it’s the idea that counts, right?

I’m excited about all of these gifts – I just hope he loves me as much as he apparently loves rare birds.


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