The Heat Printing 9th Day of Christmas






The Heat Printing Twelve Days of Christmas


On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…
9 creative uses for my heat press!

1. Apply screen printed transfers. You don’t have to be a screen printer to screen print!  Well, if you’re screen printing, technically you’re a screen printer, but you catch my drift.  With plastisol transfers I can get the look and feel of screen prints using my heat press.

2. Personalize jerseys and T-shirts.  People like to hear their name – and to see it on clothing! Whether it’s team uniforms or T-shirts for an organization, I can give my customers what they want.

3. Make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. With interchangeable platens, I can serve anywhere from one to six friends. If I’m not hungry, though, I can use them to decorate items of any size, from large shirts, to caps, to can koozies.

4. My true love knows how much I hate ironing – now I don’t have to do it!

5. Cure direct-to-garment prints. DTG designs need to be cured after printing, and my heat press is the best way to do it. Now if I could just get my heat press to cure my case of the Mondays….

6. Before venturing out into the winter wonderland, I can get my socks nice and toasty!

7. Speaking of bad weather, my heat press can decorate almost any item imaginable, like umbrellas, slickers, and boots.  Who doesn’t want to look good while keeping dry?

8. Righteous s’mores. If I were you, though, I’d use a cover sheet and a platen protector. One customer might believe that some of their shirts were decorated with a groundbreaking new “marshmallow smear” transfer material, but eventually they’ll catch on.

9. Green bean casserole is a holiday staple. With my heat press around, I don’t have to worry about mine getting cold.  Plus, my true love’s second love is pizza, but he gets fussy if it’s not piping hot. Problem solved.





And on the eighth day of Christmas….

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