The 5th Day of Heat Printing: Uniform Decoration Videos

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

On the fifth day of heat printing, my true love gave to me five informative uniform decoration videos, four Fusion™ heat presses, three cover sheets, two Heat Press Caddie™ Shelves, and the #1 athletic lettering material in the world.

My shop decorates a lot of uniforms for local sports teams, which means that my elves are always busy putting names and numbers on football and hockey jerseys, soccer uniforms, etc.  But my elves have a tough time keeping straight where numbers and names go. This season, Jingles decorated jerseys for an entire football team with larger numbers on the front and smaller numbers on the back.  Ed even put a player’s name on the front of the jersey and tried to put 8″ numbers on the sleeves (he’s not much of a sports fan).

With these helpful videos, however, the elves are sure to make great-looking uniforms, whether they’re for the Workshop Wassailers or the Chimneytop Coursers. The videos show a full 360° view of uniforms for five sports: football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and softball. The placement of names, numbers, and logos on jerseys is addressed, as are decoration of shorts and even shoes.

You can find the videos in the educational videos section of our website, on our Youtube channel, or on their respective “How to Decorate” pages in our website’s education section (links below).

I know it’s not nice to show off how awesome your presents are, but here’s a little sample of the videos:

Youth Hockey Decoration: A 360° View


How to Decorate Football Jerseys

How to Decorate Hockey Jerseys

How to Decorate Lacrosse Uniforms

How to Decorate Soccer Uniforms

How to Decorate Softball Jerseys


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