The 4th Day of Heat Printing: FUSION Heat Presses

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

 The Fourth Day of Heat Printing

On the fourth day of heat printing, my true love gave to me a choice of one of the four models of Hotronix® FUSION® heat presses (plus three cover sheetstwo Heat Press Caddie Shelves, and the #1 athletic lettering material in the world).

Now I have quite a choice to make! The FUSION is the world’s most advanced heat press. It can be used as a swing-away or as a draw press, making it a perfect fit no matter where I decide to put it in my shop. And its touch screen technology means that Jingles and Ginger (and even Ed) can change time, temperature, and pressure settings easily.  It even allows unlimited preset programs.

The FUSION heat press’ EZ-On platens make it a snap for the elves to switch from decorating stockings to larger items, like tree skirts.  Plus, the auto on/off setting means that the heat press will be all warmed up and ready to go when the elves arrive (and that Ed won’t leave his press on all night – again).

The FUSION heat press comes in two varieties – one that rests on a pedestal stand, making it easy to move around the shop (or out to reindeer games for on-the-spot personalization), or the Table Top model that conveniently fits almost anywhere in my shop.

But on the other hand, my business has been growing – and it doesn’t show signs of stoppin’. I could really keep it poppin’ with an Air FUSION® heat press, the air-powered version of the FUSION.  Powered by an air compressor (available separately), it offers hands-free auto swing, up to 120 psi for heavy-duty applications, and is also available in pedestal and Table Top versions.

Making a decision seems frightful, but the FUSION is so delightful!  With the blizzard of heat printing gifts from my true love, I say let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


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