The 6th Day of Heat Printing: New Fonts

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Santa cheers his team on to another touchdown with new Pre-Spaced Number font “Fury” on his jersey.

On the sixth day of heat printing, my true love gave to me 6 new Pre-Cut Number fonts, five uniform decoration videos, four Fusion™ heat presses, three cover sheets, two Heat Press Caddie™ Shelves, and the #1 athletic lettering material in the world.

While I appreciate the six fonts, she actually left out 20 other new fonts. Yes, there are 26 new fonts available in Pre-Cut Numbers. That’s one new font for every day of December up to Christmas – plus Boxing Day! These fonts are available in a variety of CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials like Glitter Flake™ and Hologram, as well as standard materials like Acrylic Felt and Poly-TWILL™.

There are also five new fonts for Pre-Spaced Numbers. These modern fonts give a fresh look to sports jerseys, including teams like Santa’s Sleighers Football Club. And they’re designed to incorporate the background garment into the number, resulting in a lightweight, unique design.

These new fonts allow me to offer more options to my customers and help them have the best-looking jerseys around. You can see the fonts on the Pre-Cut and Pre-Spaced Numbers pages on the Stahls’ website. While there, you can also download a handy chart with all the available fonts so you can show your customers all the options open to them.

Cool teams, cool numbers, and a cool Yule – now that’s what I’m talking about!


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