• Get Into the Game with Team Sets

    Get Into the Game with Team Sets

    Learn how Stahls' Team Sets can help you get into the uniform customization game.

  • 5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

    5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

    5 Ways to Print T-Shirts with a Heat Press

  • Heat Printing Hats

    Heat Printing Hats

    Heat Printing Hats

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Build Clients Who Build Muscles


by Christian Herominski, Marketing It’s probably not because they’re showing off, making you feel bad that you’re not coming from or going to the gym. It’s more likely that their workout clothes are far more versatile and fashionable than ever before. Performance wear is the new casual wear in many… read more

October 8, 2015 1 Comment 

Stahls’ Canada Hits the Road


  by Matt DeLaere, Marketing Snow showers are less and less common, white trillium are blooming, and lobster season is starting. Geese are hatching, Blue Jays are hitting, and loons are returning from southern holiday. The Flames are on fire, P.K. is on the PK (not to mention the power… read more

April 29, 2015 Leave a Comment 

Winning the Performance Wear Game

Performance Wear

by Sean Piper, Marketing         Decorate performance wear with new Stahls’ TEK™ heat transfer materials. Right now in Sochi, Russia, there’s a major gathering of the most elite performers in the world. Apparel makers from across the globe have invested major time and money in showcasing state-of-the-art athletic garments…. read more

February 18, 2014 Leave a Comment 

Tip Jar – CAD-CUT® Airflow™ Let’s You Breathe

Video thumbnail for youtube video CAD-CUT Airflow - New Breathable Heat Applied Film

Hope all of our readers had a great New Year and a Merry Christmas! We’re back with our weekly Tip Jar post. In this edition we highlight a new product that just hit the CAD-CUT materials line up called CAD-CUT Airflow. CAD-CUT Airflow is a pretty cool material in that… read more

January 4, 2011 Leave a Comment