Build Clients Who Build Muscles

by Christian Herominski, Marketing

Workout gear, like this perfomance hoodie decorated with Stahls’ SuperTEK™ Opaque, is gaining in popularity as everyday wear.

It’s probably not because they’re showing off, making you feel bad that you’re not coming from or going to the gym. It’s more likely that their workout clothes are far more versatile and fashionable than ever before.

Performance wear is the new casual wear in many cases, as more and more are attending class and then running errands. But it’s the steady growth in their aesthetic appeal that allows the wearer to comfortably utilize these garments for more than just the gym. No one wants to do a wardrobe change just to grab a gallon of milk, right?

So with fashion comes function. As more consumers turn to performance gear as casual wear, follow suit by decorating for this trend. Whether it’s a line of promotional items for a local gym or yoga studio, or for the neighborhood walking club, performance wear is a great place for personalized logos and designs. That means it’s a great place for your decorating business.

Here’s a tip:

Try a key market that has gained monumental growth in recent years, and look to training programs in your area such as CrossFit®. With nearly 7,500 affiliated gyms in the United States alone, there is probably more than one in your area, and practitioners are going to be hungry to sport their team slogan or phrase on a T-shirt, tank-top, or warm-up gear. They might be hungry for a hamburger too, but try not to tempt them.

Use Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™ for one and two-color designs. With high stretch and rebound, it offers a soft hand so as not to hinder those insane lunge-to-pull-ups-to-push-ups-to-sprints. And because it’s scientifically engineered and tested by Stahls’, the design is guaranteed to outlast the garment itself.

For full color designs, use Stahls’ TEK™ printable heat transfer materials. Specially engineered for sportswear and performance apparel, the TEK line features incredible stretch, light weight, and vivid colors. Plus, it applies at a low temperature to almost any fabric, reducing the risk of scorched or marked garments.

So get out there and rub ripped shoulders with fitness-minded folks, and help bulk up your sales.


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