Choosing the Right Material for your Job! (Part 2)

Choosing the right heat transfer material is especially important with new technical fabrics.

Part 2 in a 2-part series

By Peggy Elliott


Female cyclist competing in race.

Part 2: Performance Apparel

I hope you found this blog post on sports uniforms helpful.

Today, I want to give a little information on the performance apparel market. Some generic terms for performance apparel include compression gear, microfiber, moisture-wicking and hydrophobic fabric. You are probably familiar with various brand names like UnderArmour, and Nike Dri-FIT. These are all also known as technical fabrics. Some have properties that allow moisture to wick away from the fabric, or are water-repellent. Some are made from various fabric constructions such as nylon Lycra®/spandex, and polyester Lycra®/spandex blends.

These technical fabrics are usually comprised of more than one fabric, containing synthetic fibers with a lot of elasticity. This type of fabric can make apparel decoration more of a challenge since they are not easy to embroider or screen print.

Enter, CAD-CUT® Super Film…a soft, thin heat transfer material that is lightweight and highly stretchable.  This material is a perfect match for performance wear since it moves with the fabric and doesn’t compromise the comfort factor of the person wearing it. It’s also easy to weed and you can achieve small detail on logos like those seen in brand name performance apparel.

CAD-CUT® Super Film is available by the roll for use with your vinyl cutter.

Editor’s Note: Our colleague, Andy Petrous, with the GroupeSTAHL Sales Alliance also has some information about Super Film in a recent post on the GSSA Blog. And, you can see Super Film in action in this short video.

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