160+ Items To Decorate With A Heat Press

Are you stuck in a heat printing rut? Do you heat press T-shirts but want to try your skills at something more challenging? You’re on the right track! It’s so easy to drive up your profits by thinking outside the box. Offer your customers more – upsell with more items, kits, or package orders.

Ready to see how easy it is? Our experts here at STAHLS’ have compiled a comprehensive list of what you can decorate with a heat press. Download the list of 160+ items, fire up the heat press, and read on for some inspiration!

What Can I Decorate With My Heat Press?

Believe it or not, the list of what you can decorate with a heat press is continually growing. If you’re not sure where to start, stay confident and grow your skillset by sticking with apparel. Add hoodies, workout wear, and sweats to your garment offering, and get creative with placements! Seasonal wear like jackets, fleece, mittens, or even snowmobile gear are also great ideas for the winter months.

No accessory is off limits! Purses, belts, aprons, sunglass cases, and even shoes can be decorated with your heat press! Be sure to check the fabric contents of the item you plan to embellish so you can order the correct type of transfer. Application settings are always important to consider, especially when working with unfamiliar substrates.

Promotional products offer a plethora of items you can decorate. From notebooks and padfolios, to mousepads and memo books, there’s plenty of opportunity within the corporate market for expanding your business’s offering.

Everyday items like reusable grocery bags, lunch bags, or dish towels are common things that can be easily decorated and grow your decoration potential. 

How about the perfect tailgate accessory – a foldable chair. Outdoor sports activities provide an easy opportunity to add-on to orders. Whether it’s a drawstring bag, can koozie, or umbrella, every tailgater uses something that you can heat press!

Expanding your custom apparel decoration has never been easier! After you’ve learned about all the ways you can decorate T-shirts, it’s time to move beyond traditional offerings and stand out from the crowd! When you add items to decorate with your heat press, you say YES! to more orders, more sales, and more profits! Check out the video below to learn how to take your new skillset and items and expand into different markets. Happy heat printing!

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