Increasing Custom Apparel Profits with Special Effect HTV

Offering special effect finishes to custom apparel is a great way to boost sales, upsell for more profit, and reach new markets. With special effect heat transfer vinyl (HTV), you can easily add eye-catching finishes to apparel and more! In this post, we explore four different markets where special effect HTV is in high demand and how you can leverage its appeal to boost your custom apparel profits.

Four Markets for Profiting with Special Effect HTV

  1. Team Wear and Fan Apparel
  2. Youth and Baby Apparel
  3. Bridal Parties
  4. Holiday Apparel

Team Wear and Fan Apparel

Special effect HTV brings an extra dose of excitement to team wear and fan apparel. Custom designs featuring shimmering glitter or eye-catching holographic finishes enhance the sense of team pride and individuality. From sports teams to cheerleading squads, uniforms to fan apparel, offer personalized designs that showcase team spirit and create a loyal customer base.

🔥Pro Tip: Select special effect HTV is available in Pre-Cut Letters & Numbers and/or Pre-Spaced Text. Offer eye-catching personalization to uniforms, spirit wear, and more!

Youth and Baby Apparel

Glitter, metallic, and color shifting finishes are a popular choice among youth and baby apparel. With a wide selection of finishes and colors to choose from, there’s so many ways to express creativity and imagination with T-shirts, onesies, and more!

Bridal Parties

The wedding market continues to grow, and creating custom wedding apparel has big profit opportunity. With special effect HTV, you can add a higher perceived value and profit with custom bridal party apparel. From personalized bridesmaid robes to dazzling bride-to-be shirts, special effect finishes will make the wedding celebration even more enchanting, leading to word-of-mouth referrals and potential orders for future events!

Holiday Apparel

The holidays are a perfect time to get creative and create dazzling designs with special effects! Embracing the spirit of the holidays is a great way to attract seasonal shoppers seeking unique clothing options to celebrate.

Ready to Start Profiting with Special Effect HTV?

Check out STAHLS’ extensive collection of CAD-CUT® special effect heat transfer vinyl. Select options are also available in Pre-Cut, Pre-Spaced, or Custom Cut services, making it easy to add shimmer and shine to apparel!

With a variety of textures, effects, and finishes, there’s something that any market can take advantage of! And now, limited edition shades of CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake and CAD-CUT® Hologram are 15% off! Take advantage of this exclusive offer while supplies last.

Use special effect HTV to enter new markets, upsell to existing markets, and increase your product offering and decoration ability. By offering unique looks with eye-catching effects, you can maximize your profit and stand out from the competition, elevating your custom apparel business to new heights!

To learn more about how to maximize your profit opportunities with special effect HTV, watch this video with Kelly below!

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