Stahls’ Canada Harvests New Custom Vintage Patches

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Stahls’ Canada’s new Custom Vintage Patches distress more each time they’re washed, giving each patch a unique look.

Much like heat printing, with its weeding, hand, masking, and substrates, wine tasting has its own lingo, with wine lovers discussing nose, body, bouquet, and aftertaste. And even though it’s not over yet, I’m sure we’ll look back and say that 2014 was a good year, at least for heat printing. Conditions have been excellent for the heat printing harvest, resulting in a robust, rustic new product from Stahls’ Canada with excellent finish – Custom Vintage Patches.

The comparison between heat-applied patches and products of the vineyard may seem like a stretch, but like fine wine, Custom Vintage Patches will only get better with age. Their distressed cotton twill edges fray more each time they’re washed, creating a unique distressed look. Each garment you create will be one of a kind.

Best of all, you can achieve this worn, rugged look without sewing or embroidery. The patches apply permanently to a wide variety of fabrics with only a heat press.

Whether you’re talking about wine or about fashionable patches, vintage matters. Try Custom Vintage Patches for your next decorating job and give your customers a unique, fashionable look they’re sure to love.

Note: Custom Vintage Patches are available in Canada only.


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