End of Summer Internship = Beginning of New Adventure

by Bella B., Web Marketing Intern

Bella does her little turn on the catwalk. The catwalk, yeah.

During my summer internship at Stahls’ I assisted with many different tasks, including posting on Facebook, pinning to Pinterest, online reputation management, researching content curation, creating slideshares and infographics, writing blog posts, decorating a plethora of onesies on a heat press, and even attempting to become Stahls’ next top model in a photo shoot. I was able to work with multiple employees from all the different departments who were full of knowledgeable information. I also had luncheons with managers and executives who had plenty of great advice to help my business career.

I had the privilege of working with the Web Marketing department again this summer and learned a new form of marketing. In my marketing classes at school we talk about the basics – “What is marketing?” and “How do you market to customers?” This summer I learned that marketing is much more complex than I thought it was. Marketing is everything, it is selling, advertising, educating, helping, and communicating with your customers both directly and indirectly. Not only that, you have to be aware of what’s new and what your customers’ needs and wants are; as well as being where they are. If they’re on Facebook and Pinterest, you have to be on Facebook and Pinterest. I was able to not only sit and watch all this craziness but was able to create posts, slideshares, and infographs to market to Stahls’ customers.

It’s safe to say this summer I learned a lot. I now head back to Western Michigan University to live in a house full of sorority girls but my time with Stahls’ does not end here. I will continue to write blog posts about the different trends I see from college students on campus, at tailgates, and from clubs and sports teams. I will also be creating some of my own heat printing creations and writing about where I got the idea and steps on how I made it.

Thank you to everyone at Stahls’ for all the guidance and advice that I will certainly be using when I go back to school and for not making this a miserable desk job!


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