dtf on demand now even faster same day shipping on orders place by 8am ET for UltraColor MAX direct to film transfers no order minimums ships next day

Same Day Shipping on UltraColor MAX™ DTF Transfers

Attention early birds and night owls, the future of heat printing on demand is here! STAHLS’ is excited to introduce a game-changing update for apparel decorators with SAME DAY SHIPPING on UltraColor MAX™ direct to film (DTF) transfers when you place your order by 8 AM ET*!

*Orders over $1000 may require additional business days for production.

Print on Demand with No Order Minimums & Fast Shipping

UltraColor MAX™ DTF transfers not only offer outstanding quality, but also the freedom to order only what you need, exactly when you need it. With no order minimums, you have the flexibility to create custom apparel on-demand, reducing waste and increasing your profitability. No more concerns about storing inventory or unsold merchandise!

This same-day shipping option provides flexibility to those who operate in the fast-paced world of custom apparel. Plus, orders placed by Midnight ET ship next business day! Whether you run a print shop, a custom apparel business, or an e-commerce platform, enhance your efficiency and confidently take last-minute orders knowing that your UltraColor MAX™ transfers will arrive faster than ever before!

Why Direct to Film?

Direct to film transfers have revolutionized apparel decorating due to their ability to print full-color designs and fine details, all while having a soft hand and matte finish. Explore some of the benefits of direct to film transfers below:

  1. No Color Limitations
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Detailed Designs
  4. Quick Turnaround Time
  5. Versatility

Are you ready to innovate your apparel decoration business with print on demand? Whether you’re an early riser working diligently in the quiet morning hours or a night owl burning the midnight oil to meet deadlines- STAHLS’ is here to cater to your schedule. Embrace the future of on-demand customization with UltraColor MAX™ DTF transfers!

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