All Heat Presses Are Not Equal – There’s Only One Hotronix®

There are many reasons why STAHLS’ Hotronix® is the most trusted and recognized heat press brand in the industry. Whether it’s the commitment to innovation, steadfast customer support, or quality, American-made craftmanship, Hotronix® is widely known as the top manufacturer of heat presses that are built to last.

Hotronix® was born in the 1980s to solve the challenges of heat transfer materials. Today, it’s stronger and smarter than ever, producing the world’s best-selling heat presses and accessories. Proudly made in the USA, Hotronix® is always looking toward the future of heat press innovation, helping businesses like yours thrive.

Imitators know the power of the Hotronix® reputation, which is why you’ll find many cheap copies on the market. Decorators should beware of inferior equipment. Not only will it break down quickly, you’ll likely have inconsistent results. From misprints, peeling transfers, inaccurate controls, and temperature cold spots, an inferior machine will lead to trouble. It’s your reputation on the line, and you should be able have confidence with every item you produce.

It all starts with an authentic heat press. It’s possible to avoid the headaches and experience stress-free heat application, every time. Take the guesswork out of heat printing with a real Hotronix® machine.

What to Look For in a Quality Heat Press

Making the right choice in a heat press is critical for your success. Heat printing brings incredible opportunity for decorators, especially when you invest in quality equipment. Opting for cheap import heat presses might seem like a budget-friendly choice, but they often lack durability and support. This can lead to more downtime waiting for fixes, ultimately hurting your business’s performance. Investing in a better-quality heat press with good customer support might cost more upfront, but it’ll save you time and money in the long run by keeping your business running smoothly and producing consistent results.

It’s important to know what to look for when making your investment. When it comes to an equipment purchase, spending your money wisely will help you stay out of trouble down the road. Avoid replacing your heat press after a year or two by choosing correctly from the start.

Here are the top 10 heat press features to consider before making your purchase.

  1. Even Heat Distribution: An unreliable heating element causes cold spots that will lead to misapplied transfers.
  2. Precise Temperature Control: Accurate temperature control is critical to avoiding adhesion issues and damage to the garment.
  3. Consistent Pressure: Centralized pressure adjustments allow even pressure across the transfer for reliable application results.
  4. Easy Garment Placement: Threadability™ enables quick and easy loading of blank apparel for speedier heat press production.
  5. Effortless Operation: Smooth production is essential for fast, high-volume output with reduced operator fatigue.
  6. Digital Controls: Precise time and temperature are crucial to accurate heat press application and easily repeatable settings for consistent results every time.
  7. Interchangeable Platens: The ability to quickly change platens promotes heat printing on diverse items like those with zippers, buttons, or difficult placement areas.
  8. Workload Compatibility: Hotronix® presses are built to last and offer consistent quality and accurate digital settings to achieve any size order run.
  9. Comprehensive Warranty: Find a heat press that will last with a warranty that offers true assurance, like the Hotronix® lifetime heating element guarantee, one-year parts and labor, and a durable machine made from corrosion-resistant materials.
  10. Trustworthy Customer Service: Access to quality support is vital to your success, and with Hotronix®, you have 24/7 access to customer support, chat, video tutorials, and more.
Advanced Digital Technology & Air Powered Operation
Interchangeable Platens for Any Job
The Power of Two Heat Printing Stations in One Machine!

Hotronix® is The Real Deal

Remember, there’s one Hotronix®. Only our authentic, American-made machines carry the proper certifications to guarantee consistent results. Your business deserves a heat press you can depend on for perfect transfer application, every time.

  • Guaranteed Precision
  • UL, ULC, & CE Certified
  • American Made Quality
  • Lifetime Heating Element Warranty
  • Reliable Customer Support

Don’t settle for a replica heat press, get the real thing! When you’re shopping for equipment, watch out for imitation presses that fake the appearance of Hotronix® to dupe you into thinking you’re making a good purchase. Look for the STAHLS’ Hotronix® branding directly on the metal or certified Made in USA serial tag!

Fusion IQ®
Auto Clam
360 IQ® Hat Press
Dual Air Fusion IQ®

It’s wonderful to have the convenience of using either the swing away or draw press, but the primary reason we purchased the Fusion is the Threadability. We save so much time being able to thread garments onto the press, and the versatility and ease of switching the different size platens makes pressing various size garments a breeze.

Vicki D., Embroidery Designs

It just cuts down on time; honestly, it really does save time. It’s an awesome machine. Because you have one person loading, it just slides over, and once you get the timing of it down it literally cuts your heat pressing in half.

Susan B., Jersey Ink

We started with an import machine. As soon as we had real production flow, we got our first Hotronix and there is no comparison. Just being able to swap platens to go from shirts to totes is a huge productivity boost.

Arturo B.

Once I decided to kick start the phase one with minimum capital investment, I didn’t know much but enough to understand that the heat press would be the heart of phase one. I didn’t even think about which one to get, and I was certain where to get it from. When starting up, quality is the cornerstone of any business, I purchased all my equipment from Stahl’s, including the Fusion IQ and Auto Cap.

Franciso D., 2ALL Custom Apparel

Best machine on the market… have had mine for almost 4 years it’s a game changer for production.

Larry E., Black Hills Branding

Loading and alignment time is soooo good having a dual. So much in fact, we’ll soon have 2 duals side to side.

George P., Badge Busters

Can not believe it is so easy to make money with this machine! It is worth every penny!! Like anything, you do have to learn it. Amazing the different items you can decorate with it!

Craig R., Screen 13

Have you ever wondered about how a heat press is made? Check out the video below as Josh gives you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the Hotronix® warehouse!

Want to learn more about the differences between Hotronix® and import machines? Watch the video below to see Josh walk through a side-by-side comparison of an import heat press and a Hotronix® Auto Clam!

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