Pretty in Pink Heat Transfer Vinyl!

With the anticipation surrounding the latest Barbie-inspired movie, it’s no surprise that the fashion world is abuzz with the pinkcore trend. Embrace this summer’s Barbie trend with STAHLS’ extensive collection of Pink Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)! With a wide selection of HTV, we have anything you need to create custom Barbie-inspired apparel this summer! Let’s explore some of our exciting pink HTV, including glitter, textured, and metallic finishes.

Standard Finish Pink HTV

Looking for standard finish heat transfer vinyl? We have plenty of choices depending on what feel, finish, and fabric you’re working with. Check out some of our most popular standard finish HTV options available in multiple shades of pink!

  • CAD-CUT® UltraWeed™: Your go-to, easy to weed, matte-finish HTV for everyday heat printing projects.
  • Available in: Dark Pink, Medium Pink, Neon Pink, Neon Raspberry, Pink

  • CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™: Superior stretch and rebound with a silky matte finish perfect for performance wear or lightweight garments.
  • Available in: Fuchsia, Neon Pink, Medium Pink, Pink

Textured HTV

Add texture and dimension to your designs with textured heat transfer vinyl. STAHLS’ has a variety of finishes, dimensions, and textures for you to cater to any market with trendy pink HTV designs!

  • CAD-CUT® Puff: Add cloud-like dimension to your designs with this specialty HTV that puffs like magic upon heat application.
  • Available in: Light Pink, Medium Pink

Special Effect HTV

Popular with cheer and dance teams, youth apparel, or bridal parties, special effect HTV is perfect for adding value to your custom apparel offering. By offering blingy, sparkly, or metallic finishes, you can increase your custom apparel profits and stand out from the competition with unique looks and finishes!

  • CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™: Create glitter looks that sparkle and shine and won’t flake off

Available in: Fluorescent Pink, Hot Pink, Medium Pink, Pink, Light Pink

  • CAD-CUT® Metallic: Offer the look of foil in one-step with a soft feel and metallic finish.
  • Available in: Hot Pink, Rose

The Barbie-inspired pinkcore trend is taking the world by storm, and with the range of pink heat transfer vinyl options available, you can easily tap into more markets with trendy finishes and eye-catching designs. Whether you’re designing for a Barbie-themed event or simply embracing the pink magic, let your imagination run wild and create captivating designs with all the pink HTV options from STAHLS’!

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