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Webinar Recap: Upgrade Your Back-to-School Sales with Spirit Sale™

Tips for Setting Up Online School Stores

Schools present many different decorating opportunities outside of sports — from clubs and field trips, to activities, graduation, and school dances. Think of how many T-shirts, trophies, rally towels, water bottles, and cinch bags you could be selling!

With STAHLS’ e-commerce platform Spirit Sale™, we make selling for these school functions quick and easy. You can set up an unlimited number of customized online school stores in just a few simple clicks using our easy-to-follow templates. Then all that’s left is to stock your online stores with the gear and accessories families, fans, and friends want.

If you missed the live webinar with Mike Koval, Spirit Sale expert, he walked you through the value of setting up online school stores and top tips to making them successful.

Top 3 Tips:

  1. Add personalization options to increase profits
  2. Don’t forget about clubs and school organizations
  3. Include a countdown for exclusivity and urgency

Personalization = Profits!

Giving customers the option of adding personalization to their merchandise is a huge selling point. Parents love supporting their kids by wearing “mom” and “dad” shirts or adding their student’s sports number, and students love the opportunity to add a last name or nickname.

It also adds more profitability for you as the decorator because you can charge once price for the product with a design or logo, and then add an upcharge per additional text.

You can add personalization options to as many items in your store as you want. Labeling these items “customizable” makes it easy for your customers to locate them and hopefully limits the amount of questions you’ll receive about custom apparel.

Decorate Beyond Sports

When you think of decorating for schools, you automatically think sports teams. But schools present a variety of opportunities. Whether you’re decorating for all school levels or just one, there are so many clubs, special events, field trips, and school dances you could be selling merchandise for — even beyond apparel.

  • Honor student bumper stickers
  • Teacher appreciation tumblers/cups
  • Cinch bags for field trips
  • Club tournament trophies
  • “Class Of” graduation shirts

Countdowns Add Urgency

Another great feature of Spirit Sale™ is the ability to display a countdown clock on your store’s page. If you’re selling merchandise for an upcoming school event and have a limited amount of time to complete orders, enable the clock to show customers an exact time frame of when the orders are due. Giving a sense of urgency and exclusivity to your store will win more sales — no one wants to miss out on having apparel or other merch for an upcoming event. You control your store’s open and close dates, leaving yourself room to decorate and fulfill any last-minute orders.

All in all, you can see the value Spirit Sale™ adds to your decorating business. It’s the perfect online platform for easily setting up shops to fit each customer’s unique needs. Watch the video below and see how easy it is to get started, or schedule a demo today.

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