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New episodes release on Fridays every week. In this week’s upcoming episode, Ty Kain owner of Crafted Manufacturing joins us to discuss how dimensional emblems and patches have shifted his business.

Stepping Away from Embroidery on Headwear

Embroidery isn’t going anywhere, but it’s important to see how alternative patch options for headwear are gaining popularity. Hear how customers are viewing this changing trend and the effects it will have on your production time! You’ll also learn what emblems and patches can do for your bottom line. There are so many options for decorating hats out there!

Industry expert Ty Kain breaks down this detailed topic with simplicity. Over the past two years, Crafted MFG has specialized in custom headwear and manufacturing blanks for hats. Ty has embraced FlexStyle® Emblems such as PVC or Print Stitch Patches to encourage customers to branch out from traditional embroidery. He has a keen eye for showing customers how their logos can be done differently with emblems.

Print Stitch

HPFP Podcast Episode #30

In Episode #30: Stepping Away from Embroidery on Headwear, Ty discusses specific design requirements associated with embroidery. He explains how it’s possible to create more detailed, full color patches with FlexStyle® options. There are even options for metallic finishes and gradience!

Learn how easy it is to profit with headwear and your heat press. Tune into Episode #30: Stepping Away from Embroidery on Headwear expand your market opportunities and boost your decorating potential. And be sure to subscribe to the STAHLS’ Heat Press for Profit Podcast for more in-tune and engaging content from apparel decorators across the country!

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