Merry Christmas from Stahls’ ID Direct!

Christmas Designs
Christmas Designs

The Holiday season is upon us and this certainly is a special time of year regardless of our religious beliefs. It is a time to celebrate our family, our friends, and our colleagues and to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. It is also a time where we pause to reflect on the year past; the joyful times, the sad times; our successes and regrets; what was and what could have been. The New Year will be upon us soon and the tradition of “New Year’s Resolutions” gives us the chance to start anew.

We are all privileged to be part of  the fantastic decorated apparel industry with tremendous potential for growth –both personal and corporate.  During the course of doing business we bring joy to many people. I am sure that all of us have experienced the reaction of at least one of these…

A young hockey player getting his or her first jersey with their name on the back; Grandma getting a Happy Birthday T-shirt with all of her Grandkids’ names on it; A new employee being issued corporate apparel with the company logo; A couple proudly wearing the personalized athletic jerseys of their rival alma mater at the annual game; you get the idea…

We should take pride in the fact that we are involved in an industry that brings so much joy to so many.

It is a distinct pleasure for me on behalf of the entire Stahls’ ID Direct family to offer best wishes to each of you; our customers, business partners, and competitors, for a Healthy, Happy and Safe Holiday Season and a prosperous 2011. As a special note to our customers – you are the reason we exist and not a day goes by where we don’t give thanks for having such a terrific group of loyal customers!

Brian A. McLeod

General Manager

Stahls’ ID Direct

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