Personalizing Socks with Pebble Puff – Creating Non-Slip Performance

Personalizing socks with the new heat applied film

This edition of Tip Jar features a neat application, personalized socks.  The product used to personalize is the new CAD-CUT® Pebble Puff® from

Simply measure the printable area on the bottom of your sock, cut the heat applied film, weed away the excess and heat press it on.

The final decoration delivers something unique to the wearer and also the performance advantage of a non-slip surface.  Enjoy the video and good luck with this new possibility.

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4 thoughts on “Personalizing Socks with Pebble Puff – Creating Non-Slip Performance”

  1. You don’t have any concerns about putting something on the bottom of a sock and then someone coming back to you and saying they slipped because you applied something to their socks…

  2. Thanks for the comment…I probably wouldn’t put something slick on the bottom but this clearly is more rubber like and grips more than the cotton of the sock does…so I wouldn’t have concerns, but would of course recommend you make the decision based on your own judgement.

  3. Good to know. Not familiar with pebble puff and good to know that’s how it feels. I like the idea. The ribbing of the socks doesn’t appear to be a problem. Always look forward to the ideas Stahl’s shares!

  4. Thanks for the mention! There are so many ways to use the Pebble Puff, with its raised texture. It looks great as a snowflake as seen in this design by Great Garment Graphics. Have a wonderful holiday!

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