Jaguars on Cutting Edge of Football Fashion

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

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When Nike® took over uniform production for the NFL, many traditionalists worried that team uniforms would become too modern and extreme. Others welcomed the infusion of some fresh thinking into uniforms that tend not to leave much room for creativity. Nike has certainly been thinking outside the box with its Pro Combat uniforms for college teams, so it stood to reason that the trend would continue with its Elite 51 uniforms for the NFL. Love them or hate them, the uniform makeovers have certainly not been boring.

This week Nike unveiled new  uniforms for the Jacksonville Jaguars. There are three new jerseys – white with black sleeves, black with teal sleeves, and teal with black sleeves. Each of these new designs includes yellow and glossy tone-on-tone shoulder panels, representing claw marks.


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The biggest (and boldest) change is in the team’s helmets, which now have a two-tone look, with black in the front fading into gold (apparently symbolizing a jaguar hunting from the shadows). The helmet also features a new logo with a sleeker, slightly more realistic jaguar.

These uniforms reflect several recent trends in uniform design. One is the use of monochromatic or tone-on-tone elements (see the Miami Heat’s “White Hot” jerseys, the University of Michigan’s all-maize uniform, or the Atlanta Braves’ navy alternate jersey). This style was once reserved for “fashion” jerseys and worn strictly by fans, but has now moved onto the field (or court, as the case may be).



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Another trend reflected in the Jags’ new unis is the contrast created by placing glossy elements on matte fabrics. This theme has figured prominently in Nike’s reworking of college and NFL football uniforms. Like any other uniform innovation in college or the pros, this look is beginning to trickle down to the amateur ranks.



Also included in the new uniform are really cool gloves.
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As the new Jaguars jerseys show, college and professional teams are pushing the envelope of uniform design – a trend that surely will be followed by high school and other amateur teams.






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