Tip: Stock Pre-Cuts Letters & Numbers in Local School Colors

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Black and white are always popular colors to keep in stock for walk-in orders – they go with almost anything and are a safe option.  But have you considered keeping an inventory of pre-cut letters and numbers in the colors of your local schools?

Students want to show school spirit whether it’s on team uniforms, spirit wear, or just personalized shirts, jackets, and bags. By keeping school colors in stock, you’ll be ready to fulfill all sorts of walk-in orders with your heat press. Kids and parents will love knowing that they can get what they want, in the colors they want, while they wait (wow, what a wonderful way to work in words which begin with”W”).

Whether your customer is looking for a name, initials, or graduation year, pre-cut letter and number kits are the perfect way to be able to fulfill their order on-demand. Kits contain an assortment of all letters in the alphabet (or of each digit), and can be organized in a storage box (sold separately). If you find yourself running out of any particular letter or number, individual packs can be ordered to help replenish your stock. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient.

Check out the most popular colors, heat transfer materials, and sizes in the infographic below. Looking to add a little sparkle with one of our most popular materials? Now through May 15th, order two Glitter Flake pre-cut letter kits and get one free. Plus, the letters come pre-organized in a free storage box!  Visit our Glitter Flake Promotion page to learn more.

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