Glitter Flake Pre-Cut Kits – Buy 2, Get 1 Free

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

The color of the Clovers jersey is making me thirsty.
The color of the Clovers jersey is making me thirsty.

I’m known far and wide as a Mountain Dew fanatic. I can’t necessarily explain why I love it so much, except that it’s just so good! I even asked for a cost of living increase in my salary when the local vending machine started carrying Dew. Of course, I got turned down, so I’m always looking for a good deal. A local store recently had the heavenly nectar on sale, buy 10, get 1 free. I thought this was a pretty good deal – save by buying in bulk and all that – but it’s not as good a deal as the latest special on Glitter Flake Pre-Cut Letter Kits.

Now through May 15th, Stahls’ is offering you the chance to stock up on letters made from one of our most popular heat transfer vinyls with a special buy 2, get 1 free promotion. You have your choice of four different fonts in any three of the 24 eye-catching Glitter Flake colors.

This special offer makes it easy to be ready for all the personalization and walk-in orders you can handle – and to offer your customers a little extra bling for their buck. The letters come ready to apply – just lay them out on the garment, apply with your heat press, and remove the plastic carrier from each letter. No designing, cutting, or weeding necessary.

Need more convincing that it’s a good deal?  For $116.50 you can get 3 kits, each with 760 pieces of 2″ Glitter Flake letters in Pro Block font.  That works out to just $.05 a letter! (I used a calculator). And you don’t even have to sort the 2280 letters – all kits come pre-sorted in a free storage box.

So now’s the time to stock up on these popular, fashionable letters and start sprucing up your personalization orders. Visit our Glitter Flake promotion page to order.


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