How To Personalize a Key Fob with a Heat Press

by Peggy Dwyer, Marketing

Heat Printing Fabric Key Fobs
Heat Printing Fabric Key Fobs

Key fobs retail from $8-$12 dollars, depending on your area. They’re great for add-on sales for schools, teams, events, and giveaways.

Tools Needed:
Fabric Key Fob
Heat Press
Non-stick Cover Sheet

Selecting the Key Fob:

Key Fob

  • Fabric key fobs come in a wide variety of colors/prints and sizes. Find a large selection online, or checking auction sites, such as E-bay for wholesale items.
  • For easier application, find key fobs at least 1.5″ wide.
  • The print space is in between the seams, which on this fob, would be 1″ so you will want the image or text to be smaller than 1″.



Get Started:
For this example, we used 5/8″ Pre-Spaced Text , Athletic Script font, Cherry Glitter Flake™ heat transfer material

Key Fob
Pre-Spaced Text
  1. Line up the design/text between the seams.
  2. Hang the metal portion of the key fob off of the platen. This ensures you:
    a. don’t scratch the surface of the upper platen
    b. will have better pressure for heat application
    c. won’t burn your hand on heated metal.
  3. Cover the design/text with a non-stick cover sheet and heat apply according to the application instructions of the heat transfer material you’re working with.
  4. Remove the cover sheet and peel the carrier off the design/text.


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