STAHLS’ Blueprint: The Barre Room

Written by Marketing Intern, Allison Rafferty

Company: The Barre Room

Location: Carmichaels, PA

Type of Business: Dance apparel and accessories

Owner: Crystal Bogorae

Years in Business: 40+

Biggest Challenge:  Struggles to keep up with demand for new and customized products on hand and in stock.  Hasn’t sold customized garments and accessories before and believes biggest challenge will be making the garments

Recommendations: Use heat press accessories like heat printing pillows, Print Perfect Pads, and Quick Change Platens to apply on all the items her customers want. Get a heat press that uses presets to ensure proper application every time.

The Barre Room is a small dance apparel business located in Carmichaels, PA. Since opening its doors over 40 years ago, The Barre Room has sold just about any kind of dance wear and apparel one can imagine. What The Barre Room hasn’t sold, however, is customized dance wear and apparel, and that’s where STAHLS’® comes in.

One of the biggest challenges owner, Crystal Bogorae, faces at The Barre Room is keeping up with customer demand for new and exciting products in store without a lot of wasted inventory. Offering customized apparel is one approach to keeping up with demand.

The Hotronix® Fusion IQ® heat press has high tech components for heat printing on nearly any garment. Because of the wide the variety of garments The Barre Room offers, the Fusion IQ® the perfect option for Bogorae and her business. With the flexibility of a pull-out platen or swing away upper platen, the Fusion IQ® makes the heat printing process easier.

Bogorae was concerned about tackling heat decorating garments – how to deal with different fabrics, garment types, and proper application.  Josh Ellsworth offered up several solutions for her concerns – highlighting the flexibility and ease of Heat Print Technology.

Using interchangeable Quick Change Platens on the press allow for Threadability of nearly any garment to get a proper fit no matter the item or placement of a design.  Heat printing pillows and pads are helpful with to get even pressure on leg and sleeve designs.  It’s important to note that when using a pillow or pad that the pillow is underneath all parts of the design.

The key to successful heat printing is time, temperature, and pressure. The Fusion IQ® has presets for the most popular CAD-CUT® materials, so rather than punching in all three individually each time you heat press, you can just select the preset of the material you are applying for foolproof settings every time.

By getting started with Heat Print Technology, Crystal Bogorae has amplified her business and increased profit potential by offering customized dance apparel.

Watch the video to see Josh and Crystal get started with heat printing:

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  1. I’m glad that you talked about the new products in store without a lot of wasted inventory. It makes sense for us to to so as it will impact the outcome or the work quality

  2. Hello. Reducing wasted inventory is better for the sustainability of our industry! Thanks for reading along!

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