How to Choose the Right Heat Press

Congratulations on the decision to start a T-shirt business of your very own! Now, it’s time to get your heat press and get customers to start placing orders. But there are so many heat presses on the market, how do you know which one is the right one?

  • The heat press should apply even pressure over the entire platen surface.
  • The heat press evenly distributes heat through the entire platen.
  • When pressure is adjusted, that the heat press retains the even pressure.
  • The heat press has accurate heat settings.
  • The company you buy your heat press from has 24/7 customer support.

This is some criteria! Where can you find a heat press that check all of those boxes? Not to worry, we have just what you need – a Hotronix® Heat Press!

What can happen if you don’t make the right choice? Find out by reading Harry the Heat Printer’s cautionary tale.

You won’t find a more dependable or accurate heat press that one built in the USA by Hotronix®. Don’t take the risk – or waste the money – on buying an impostor. Start and grow with Hotronix®.


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