Hotronix – A Tradition of Heat Printing Excellence

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Why does Hotronix® make the most advanced and reliable heat presses in the industry? Because they’re a company of the heat press, by the heat press, for the heat press. This picture shows a recent orientation session for new Air Fusion® heat presses. In these sessions, Sam the Auto Clam explains to the new Air Fusions exactly what is expected of them as representatives of Hotronix.  Besides interchangeable platens, digital time and pressure settings, and superior performance, the Air Fusions are briefed on the Hotronix Blue Ribbon Support program and premier warranty. Rest assured, though, that should you call Hotronix, you will speak to a human being, not a heat press – the machines are versatile, but not that versatile.

Sam is an excellent example for the Air Fusions to follow. He, like Hotronix, is always on the cutting edge of technology that will benefit the customer. Always looking to improve his performance, Sam is seated on the new Heat Press Caddie™. This innovative adjustable-height stand gives users of Hotronix and MAXX™ clamshell models exclusive threadability™, allowing them to print on the front and back of a garment without removing and rethreading it. Not only is this convenient, it can also cut production time by up to 40%, making Sam even more efficient.  And with the Caddie’s casters, Sam is now portable, allowing him to save his users even more time and shop space.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek behind the scenes at Hotronix, where past innovations constantly influence new ones.

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