The Dog Days of Apparel Decoration

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

People love their pets. People also love their clothes. And their music! Oh, their music. These three passions converge in the new Pets Rock™ collection at PetSmart®. These rock-inspired pet accessories are designed by Bret Michaels, known as frontman for the hair band Poison and as a reality TV star who just can’t seem to find the right girl, no matter how many contestants he goes through.

Though “Every Rottweiler Has It’s Bone” and “Talk Furry to Me” were never hit singles, the rockin’ pet accessories are getting a lot of buzz. But you don’t need to know every word to “Nothin’ But A Great Dane” to capitalize on the trend.

Whether a dog rocks the ’80s metal scene look or embraces peppier, more colorful clothing, they’re sure to look good in designs containing rhinestones, rhinestuds, and nailheads. A rhinestone design of skulls and roses will make any chihuahua instantly look tougher, while some pretty neon nailhead flowers send the message that the yorkie wearing them isn’t the type of girl who hangs around with bad dogs.

Cat lovers can get in on the action, too. A kitty T-shirt decorated with gloss heat transfer material will allow Nathaniel Pawthorne to show off his fashion sense. And a sweatshirt with a glitter design shows just what a diva little Alley is. All you’ll need is a heat press to turn these pets into the cat’s pajamas (or to make cat’s pajamas).

Just about any pet could use a bandanna with his or her name printed on it (except maybe for fish – there aren’t many cool outfits for fish). The font, material, and accenting of the design can reflect the pet’s personality. While a golden retriever might like “Harvey” surrounded by paw prints, a bulldog would surely prefer a British flag. And Brownie the pet hamster would love a tiny tiny bandanna adorned with a clever wheel design (you know, CAD-PRINTZ® full color digital transfers allow you to print fine details on almost any fabric).

So consider offering pet personalization services to your customers. It can be a great new field for your business to grow into – and everyone knows pet owners are a heat printer’s best friend.

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