The Power is in Your Hands

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

Huey Lewis sang about the power of love. Norman Vincent Peale stressed the power of positive thinking. Robert Palmer was frontman for ’80s supergroup The Power Station. Now Carleen Gray joins in, promoting the power of heat printing.

Stahls’ ID Direct will be holding two Power Sessions, July 18th at ASI Chicago. GroupeSTAHL Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Carleen Gray, will host the classes, designed to show how you can use heat printing to create the most effective promotional products possible.

The first Power Session, “How to Create Dazzling Logos to Win Every Bid,” will cover basic decorating methods and how to create products with vibrant full-color logos. Topics will also include the use of special effect materials and mixed media designs that will call attention to your customer’s logo.

“Take Control of Your Decorating” will demonstrate how in-house decoration can help your company excel. Carleen will show you ways to make personalization easy for you and your clients, how to create easy, clean, and durable screen printed transfers, and how to decorate with affordable full-color digital logos. She’ll also cover how a heat press can take your business to the next level, and the advantages of owning a vinyl cutter.

If you’re going to be at ASI Chicago, be sure to catch these educational sessions. For more information or to register for the show, go to

Wednesday, July 18th

12:15-1:15 pmHow to Create Dazzling Logos to Win Every Bid

2:45-3:45 pmTake Control of Your Decorating


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