Top 9 Full Color Transfers From STAHLS’

Do you want to achieve bright, bold full color designs without the hassle of embroidery or screen printing? Look no further than our full color digital transfers! This method of heat printing is changing the way our customers order and apply full color looks with just a heat press! If you’re working with a design that has three or more colors and hi-definition detail, this method is for you. In addition to detail, CAD-PRINZ® Full Color Digital Transfers is the perfect solution for low quantity runs. You’ll also have creative freedom with unique textures and finishes we offer in some of the product choices listed below.

CAD-PRINTZ® Express Print

full color digital transfers

Kicking us off with the full color lineup, this core product is the perfect choice if you’re new to full color decoration. This transfer has a very soft feel and matte finish. It pairs perfectly on standard T-shirts making it great for everyday jobs.

SuperTEK® Opaque

full color digital transfers

Moving into the performance category of our full color options, SuperTEK® Opaque is lightweight, stretchable, and has excellent opacity. It adheres to a wide range of fabric types and works well on light and dark colored substrates. Another key benefit to this material is the application process. SuperTEK® Opaque heat applies at a lower temperature, making it a great choice for synthetic fabrics. Scorch marks are a thing of the past with this material!

SuperTEK® Sublistop™

full color digital transfers

Similarly to SuperTEK® Opaque, Sublistop™ is another great material in the performance category. It holds all of the same key benefits that Opaque does, AND offers something more. The main difference between these two materials is the adhesive. In the video below, Josh shows what makes this product truly unique. Sublistop offers a charcoal adhesive backing to inhibit any sort of dye migration. With that extra layer of protection, you’ll be able to apply your designs on the brightest red fabric with ease!

SuperTEK® Matte Clear

Matte Clear is another essential material in the performance category. As Josh states in the video, it has one of the softest feels. As the name suggests, it has a nice matte finish and works well on white or light-colored fabrics.

SuperTEK® Gloss Clear

Just like Matte Clear, Gloss offers the same benefits. It too has a soft hand, is super lightweight on your garment, and pairs with white or light-colored garments. When deciding which clear product is right for you, that will depend on what kind of finish you’re going for. SuperTEK® Gloss offers a high-gloss finish and almost gives your design a “wet” look.

CAD-PRINTZ® Sublimation Transfers

If sublimation is one of your favorite decoration methods, then you will enjoy our Sublimation Transfer sheets. When you upload your artwork, STAHLS’ creates the design using sublimation inks and it arrives to you on a carrier ready to heat apply. One thing that is crucial to note about this process is to make sure you’re sourcing good blank apparel that is intended for sublimation. Please note: You must use white/very light fabrics that contain at least 60% or more polyester.


Our next three products have unique textures and finishes to them. Glitter offers just that! If you’re familiar with CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake™, then you will LOVE this material. We raised the bar by having the ability to create full color designs printed on our white glitter material. We recommend pairing this product with the cheer, spirit and fan-wear markets.


Our Twill line is very unique and offers a texture that resembles embroidered looks without the stitching. Once we receive your design, our sublimated inks dye our Tackle Twill material and result in a “patch-like” look as shown here. Both Twill materials can be heat applied or finished off with an embroidered edge. Tip: If you’re going to want an embroidered edge, make sure to purchase a sew-disk at checkout.


Lastly, our Texture-TWILL® material offers a unique finish that mimics embroidered threads. If you are an embroiderer by trade, chances are we’ve recommended this product to you! The textured finish resembles satin threads and works well to achieve different looks. We love placing this material as a left chest logo, on a hat, or a full back for a jacket.

There you have it — our top 9 full color picks! We hope these materials give you the inspiration to try something new. To check out the full breakdown of these CAD-PRINTZ® products, how to order, and pricing make sure to watch the full video!

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5 thoughts on “Top 9 Full Color Transfers From STAHLS’”

  1. Super informative . Will start looking for popular things to get put on, so I can order some and get my samples made My IQ 360 Cap will be here by 7/2/2021, Excited to get started . What are some popular things for hats ?

  2. Hi Nolan, thanks for reaching out! We love sublimation, it has the best feel but is restricted to white or light colored, 100% polyester. We have full color options for other types of garments, such as 100% cotton, nylon, or spandex.

  3. I love the CAD-PRINTZ® sublimation transfers. However, I have a confusion, are these transfers pre-printed or not like Cricut infusible ink sheets? If not, then can I use beginner sublimation printers with them?

  4. Hi Lucy! CAD-PRINTZ® sublimation transfers are only done in services, therefore will arrive pre-printed. If you are looking for sublimation transfer papers, check out our sister company, Transfer Paper Experts: Sublimation Papers.

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