How to Choose Full Color Digital Transfers from CAD-PRINTZ

The CAD-PRINTZ® line of full color digital transfers are a perfect option to screen printing when a customer presents a logo with too many colors or gradients to get a good result. When embroidery is a budget concern, or won’t give your customer the detailed logo they want, CAD-PRINTZ® offers twill fabric transfers to give you and your customers, solutions.

Because of the increased demand for full color logos and designs, full color digital transfers are crucial for any decorator. Whether it’s detailed left chest logos on a polo or vibrant art on activewear, there is a right CAD-PRINTZ ® transfer for the job. With so many heat transfer choices, it’s vital to know your decorating options.

It’s easy! Just upload your artwork. We’ll print and cut your full color digital logo and send it to you ready to heat apply. All you need is a heat press.

Download this chart for quick access to what CAD-PRINTZ® media is right for your job.


SuperTEK® Clear Gloss – With a great stretch and a low application temperature, this media is made for printing gloss-look designs on heat-sensitive performance material. For use on white or light colored fabrics.

SuperTEK® Matte Clear – This transfer type has the same features as SuperTEK™ Clear Gloss but with a matte finish. It’s useful for tone-on-tone effects on other materials, like cotton and low polyester/cotton blends.

SuperTEK® Opaque – This option also works well for heat-sensitive fabrics, even leather. It is what you need when working with dark colored fabrics.

Express Print® – This transfer type is a go-to material for simple jobs with standard fabrics like cotton and low polyester/cotton blends. It’s cost-effective with a semi-matte, high quality finish your customers want.

CAD-PRINTZ® Glitter Flake™ – Another special effect material your customers will love. Full color glitter designs perfect for light or dark colored cotton, polyester, and Lycra®/spandex.

SuperTEK® Sublistop™ – If dye migration is a concern, this is a good choice. The ONYX STiX2 adhesive with a charcoal lining stops sublimated dyes from bleeding through.

Learn more about the causes and solutions for dye migration with the Dye Migration Handbook.

CAD-PRINTZ® Texture-TWILL™ – This media gives you a multi-layered twill look in just one layer. Applies on dark or light colored cotton and polyester with only a heat press. For an appliqué look, or for permanent application on other materials, finish with embroidery.

CAD-PRINTZ® Perma-TWILL™ – Use when you need an embroidered look with just a heat press. For light or dark colored fabrics like cotton, polyester, poly/cotton blends, polyfoam caps, and fleece.

CAD-PRINTZ® Sublimation Transfers – Using sublimation technology, this transfer uses sublimation inks that, with heat and pressure, are changed from a solid to a gas. All without the cost of a sublimation printer. The dyes are embedded in the actual fabric giving a soft finish. This technology is best on white 100% polyester garments.

Download the chart now and get started today.


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